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Stan Thompson

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Behold, The Bridegroom Cometh
      BEHOLD THE BRIDEGROOM COMETH! By Stan Thomson For centuries, the Church slept unawares of the coming of Christ for His bride. 150 years ago, the Spirit of God raised up men to recover this precious truth. The midnight cry went forth: "Behold the Bridegroom cometh!" (Matt. 25:1 - 7). What was the effect? Believers arose and

The Clergy: from God or Man?
      The Clergy: from God or Man? By Stan Thompson The purpose of this tract is to bring before the reader God's thoughts as to Divine order within the Church. It must be clear at the outset that there is no intent to demean true servants of God who have chosen clerisy for their sphere of ministry. The clergy-laity system is so commonly accep

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