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Robert H. Boll

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Grace and Obedience
      In discussing the distinction between Law and Grace, and Grace and Works, we are in danger in reacting against extreme positions, of being carried to an opposite extreme. We are prone in our teaching to stress man's part, and the "conditions of salvation" just because we have seen that ignored and denied in the religious world about us. But we a

Real Repentance
       Through all the Bible--in the Old Testament, in the New Testament--we hear God's call to repentance. It was the chief appeal of the Old Testament prophets. And at the gate of the New Testament sounds John the Baptist's--the forerunner's--cry, "Repent ye for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." Then the Lord Jesus Himself began with the same ca

The Church I Found and How I Found It!
      When I became a Christian - simply a Christian - it meant to me the surrender of the faith and teaching which was instilled in me from infancy, in which I grew up, and which I still held when I turned my twentieth year. It was a tremendous step for me. If to any such a change would seem easy, with me it came hard. I never would or could have made t

The Freedom of Simple Christians
      If in the midst of the multitude of religious bodies and denominations, which make up the professing Christendom of our day, a number of men should rise up professing themselves simply Christians, and as not identified with any sectarian body whatsoever, but as belonging only to the one church of the New Testament, it would be proper and right to a

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