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Frank G. Allen

      Frank Gibbs Allen, founder of the Old Path Guide, of Louisville, Ky., was born near LaGrange, Ky., Oldham county, March 7, 1836. In September, 1856, he married Miss Jennie Maddox, daughter of an elder of the Pleasant Hill Church of Christ, in Oldham in county, and a few years later, under the influence of Mrs. Allen, became a member of the Church of Christ.

      Possibly, however, the most important and far-reaching effort of his life, was the establishment of "The Old Path Guide, in Louisville, Kentucky, 1879. This was, at first, in magazine form, and appeared monthly. During the remainder of his life, he gave to it his ripest thought, and the power of his prolific and trenchant pen was felt throughout the South. There was later consolidated with it The Apostolic Times, of Lexington, and other forces joined him, but his spirit was readily the dominant factor in the growth and success of the paper, which, at the time of his death, was easily the leading religious paper of the South, and held rank with any then published throughout the brotherhood.

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Autobiography of Frank G. Allen - Table of Contents
       AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF FRANK G. ALLEN, Minister of the Gospel AND SELECTIONS FROM HIS WRITINGS EDITED BY ROBERT GRAHAM President of the College of the Bible, Lexington, Ky. CINCINNATI GUIDE PRINTING & PUBLISHING CO. 1887 Dedication. To all who love the Old Paths, This Volume, In Memory of One Who Found Them And
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