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Oswald J. Smith
1889 - 1986

      Although he was the long-time pastor of the large and influential Peoples Church in Toronto, Ontario, the name of Oswald J. Smith is most often associated with missions. Born in 1889 in Ontario, at the age of sixteen he attended an evangelistic crusade held by R. A. Torrey and Charles Alexander, where he was saved. Two years later he began Bible College, eventually graduating from both college and seminary. His burden for missions showed up early in life. He applied with a foreign missions board, but they turned him down because of concerns about poor health he had suffered throughout his childhood (a problem which he apparently overcame, since he later worked both in the backwoods of Canada and the mountains of Kentucky, then lived into his late nineties).

      If he couldn't go as a missionary, he determined to start a church that would send out missionaries. In 1928 Smith started the Peoples Church, originally called the Cosmopolitan Tabernacle. As a young man he had asked God to enable him to give more than he would ordinarily be able to give, and the blessings he experienced helped him institute faith promise missions giving. With this plan, churches have given multiplied millions to send the Gospel throughout the world. He also established mission works to reach the northern parts of Canada, to reach Jews and to distribute tracts. In addition to his pastoral and missions works, he wrote 1200 poems and hymn lyrics, over 200 of which were set to music. His earthly work ended at his homegoing in 1986.

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Biography Oswald Smith - Evangelist
      Oswald J. Smith is one of the most versatile Christian leaders in the history of the Christian church. Perhaps never has one man done so many different things well. It all centered in Toronto, Ontario, where Smith pastored from 1915 to 1959. He raised some $14,000,000.00 for foreign missions, more than any other pastor in history. Half of this was
Biography The Life of Dr. Oswald Smith
      Dr. Oswald Smith was born in a farmhouse on the outskirts of Odessa, Ont., Nov. 8th, 1889. His father was a telegraph operator; thus his childhood days were spent in railway stations. The time spent in Mount Albert, Ont., a small, quiet country town, where he used to live for a while, has never been forgotten by him. After he had risen to fame, he
InterviewAn Interview with Dr. Oswald J. Smith
      Through the crowded streets of Toronto, Canda, we slowly picked our way. Construction of a new subway caused numerous delays and detours. At long last, we found The Peoples Church and pulled into the parking area. It was a Monday afternoon, but there were a surprising number of cars there. The church building was large, but not elaborate. There was
HymnDeeper and Deeper
      Into the heart of Jesus Deeper and deeper I go, Seeking to know the reason Why He should love me so, Why He should stoop to lift me Up from the miry clay, Saving my soul, making me whole, Though I had wandered away. Into the will of Jesus, Deeper and deeper I go, Praying for grace to follow, Seeking His way to know; Bowing in full sur
HymnJesus Only
      For salvation full and free, Purchased once on Calvary, Christ alone shall be my plea-- Jesus! Jesus only. Refrain Jesus only, let me see, Jesus only, none save He, Then my song shall ever be-- Jesus! Jesus only! He my Guide from day to day, As I journey on life's way; Close beside Him let me stay-- Jesus! Jesus only. Refrain
ArticleNo Substitute for Prayers!
      Intercessory prayer is the Christian's most effective weapon. Nothing can withstand it's power. It will do things when all else has failed. And the marvel is that we turn to other agencies in order to accomplish what only prayer can bring to pass. God has placed this mighty weapon in our hands, and He expects us to use it. How disappointed He must
ArticlePut Your Money into the Message
      We must decide whether we are going to put our money into the building, or into the message. For nearly 1,900 years now, the Church has been putting its money into the building; and, instead of getting out the message, we have been erecting magnificent and luxurious auditoriums in which to worship God. Some false cults have been much wiser. They
      Saved! saved! saved! my sins are all forgiv'n; Christ is mine! I'm on my way to Heav'n; Once a guilty sinner, lost, undone, Now a child of God, saved thro' His Son. Refrain Saved! I'm saved thro' Christ, my all in all; Saved! I'm saved, whatever may befall; He died upon the cross for me, He bore the awful penalty; And now I'm saved ete
      Can we travail for a drowning child, but not for a perishing soul? It is not hard to weep when we realize that our little one is sinking below the surface for the last time. Anguish is spontaneous then. Nor is it hard to agonize when we see the casket containing all that we love on earth borne out of the home. Ah, no; tears are natural at such a ti
ArticleWho Can Pay So Much?
      The Russian Czar used to love to disguise himself and mingle with his subjects to hear what they might have to say. One night he visited the barracks and listened to the conversation of the soldiers. While passing a tent he observed a young officer sitting at a table with his head on his arm, sound asleep. The Czar tiptoed to the back of the

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