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Gilbert Beebe

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ArticleSuitable Words
       Dear Brother Beebe: --I heard an Old School Baptist preach some time since, and he remarked that if sinners were lost, it was their own fault. I should like to have your views upon the subject. To me it had an awful, squinting towards Arminianism. I hope you will go fully into the subject as it is one that seems to puzzle the minds of a good many
ArticleThe Atonement
       NEW VERNON, N. Y., April 13, 1846. Our correspondent "F." has laid out work enough to keep the editor and correspondents of this periodical busy for some time to come; and no doubt exists in our mind that the several points submitted may be discussed with greater satisfaction and far more profit to our readers generally, than the further discuss
ArticleThe Biblical Definition of "Gospel"
      Like so many Bible terms, the word GOSPEL has been given various definitions contrary to its original and proper meaning. The word has its origin "in Christ before the foundation of the world." This was contained in the "promise" God made before the foundation of the world. (Tit. 1:2) The "gospel," the "good news" or "good tidings" is the decl
ArticleThe Efficacious Power Of The Blood
      An aged and esteemed brother has, through sister C.M. Johnson, desired our views on the great atonement made by our Lord Jesus Christ for his people; and especially on the efficacious power of the blood of Christ. This subject is so exceedingly comprehensive as to take in its grasp the whole system of redemption, and salvation by grace. The atoneme
ArticleThe Old and the New Man
       "So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God, but with the flesh the law of sin."--Rom. vii. 25. If Paul had in him these two opposite principles, and both to identified with his person that with the one he himself served the law of God, and with the other at the same tune he himself served the law of sin, was he like all other christian
ArticleThe Sabbath
       Alexandria, D. C., December 28, 1838 "There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God." - Heb. iv. 9. We do not wish to anticipate our brethren who are called on to give their views on the subject proposed for consideration by our correspondent; neither will we attempt to give the views of the Old School Baptists on the subject, as they
ArticleThe Will of God
      When duly impressed with a sense of the superlative perfections of Jehovah, the enlightened christian contemplates the principle on which God governs and controls all things, with inexpressible delight; and in the inspired language of the psalmist will say, "The Lord reigns, let the earth rejoice." The grandest theme that moved the prophetic pen, w
ArticleTotal Depravity
      WE have proposed to give our readers a more enlarged view of our sentiments, which were briefly presented in our prospectus. The next item in order is, "the total depravity and just condemnation of fallen man." According to our engagement, we call the attention of our readers to the testimony which first from the word of God, and then from such co
ArticleUnion, Fellowship, and Harmony
      THERE is probably no subject of more vital importance to the children of the kingdom of Christ, than that to which we wish in these lines to call their attention. Much has been said upon the subject, by various characters, with as great a variety of designs. Knowing how much the saints desire a perfect union and fellowship among themselves, the ene
ArticleWashing The Saints' Feet
      We have been called on for an expression of our views on the subject of washing the saints' feet, but we confess our inability to do justice to the subject, especially when we find a discrepance in the views of those whom we have a right to esteem much better than ourself. Our brethren in the southern and south-western States, so far as we are info
ArticleWhat is Faith?
      Webster defines the word as signifying "Belief; assent of the mind to the truth of what is declared by another, resting on his authority and veracity, without other evidence." And what he denominates Evangelical faith, justifying and saving faith, he says is the "assent of the mind to the truth of divine revelation, on the authority of God's testim
ArticleWhat is Prayer?
      In the preceding number of the SIGNS, sister Gentry asked for our opinion and for the views, of others, on the subject of prayer. The subject of prayer has occasioned us much reflection at times, for the last forty-five years, and yet we have been so dull a scholar in the school of Christ, if indeed we are a pupil of his school, that after almost h

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