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Brian H. Edwards

      Brian Edwards is a Christian Author, Lecturer and Teacher based in the United Kingdom. His twenty books include historical biographies, Christian theologies and apologetics. His wider ministry ( includes preaching and lecturing both in the UK and abroad.

      Brian Edwards was pastor of an evangelical church in a south west London suburb for twenty-nine years, and then President of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches from 1995–1998. He is the author of twenty books, and continues a ministry of writing and itinerant preaching and lecturing.

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SermonThe Christian use of the Old Testament Law
      Writing to a young man on the subject of the Law of God, John Newton may have slightly overstated his case when he remarked that, 'Ignorance of the nature and design of the Law is at the bottom of most religious mistakes.' But perhaps he was not too far from the truth. From the Christian Reconstructionist - who writes Law books based on the Old
ArticleThe Role of Preaching in Revival
      Preaching in revival times is not always graceful or polished, or even eloquent, but it is always powerful. By this word "powerful," I do not mean only that it changes lives, though it does that, but that the sermons are real and felt by the congregation. The preaching of Asahel Nettleton in America from the 1830s onwards was described as "vigor

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