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Nancy Leigh DeMoss

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Devotions and Devotion
      When I was a little girl, I was first exposed to one of the most essential ingredients in nurturing an intimate relationship with God, as I became aware that my father began each day with a practice that he called "devotions." A businessman with many demands on his time, and active in ministry of many kinds, my father was not one to spend time

Is This Revival?
      Nearly thirty years ago, when Life Action Ministries first began, hardly anyone was talking about revival. The term itself was uncomfortable, if not foreign, to most believers--except for some in the Bible belt who equated "revival" with a week of meetings geared to evangelize the lost. A lot has changed in the past three decades. Now you can h

Nothing Between
      Late one evening last spring, along with millions of other stargazers around the globe, I watched as, in a matter of minutes, a brilliant full moon "disappeared" behind a dark shadow. Of course, we know that the moon didn't really disappear. The moon has no light of its own; it merely reflects the light of the sun. But when the moon ceased t

Revival in the Heart: Choosing Brokenness
      The small band of church leaders had been praying earnestly for revival in their community--a village on the Isle of Lewis, the largest isle of the Outer Hebrides, just off the coast of Scotland. They were particularly burdened for the young people of the island who had no interest in spiritual matters and scorned the things of God. For eighteen

Stop, I Want to Get Off!
      Some time ago, I asked the women who were attending a weekend conference where I was speaking, to write on a 3x5 card why they had come, and what it was they were hoping God would do in their lives through the weekend. "Where does God find you as we start this weekend?" I asked. Later, as I read the responses to my question, I was amazed at ho

When Do We Need Revival?
      when we do not love Him as we once did. when earthly interests and occupations are more important to us than eternal ones. when we would rather watch TV and read secular books and magazines than read the Bible and pray. when church dinners are better attended than prayer meetings. when concerts draw bigger crowds than prayer mee

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