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D. M. McIntyre
1859 - 1938

      David Martin McIntyre was a Scottish preacher and Principal of the Bible Training Institute, Glasgow from 1913 to 1938. David's father Malcolm was Free Church of Scotland minister of Monikie, Angus from July 1849 to his death. David had an elder sister Margaret Grace and an elder brother Miller Malcolm, both of whom died in their childhood (1863 and 1874 respectively). David's mother was the daughter of the previous minister of Monikie, James Miller, who came out of the Church of Scotland at the Disruption.

      His academic career centred in Edinburgh, and he worked as a missionary in St John's Church, Leith, under the guidance of Dr John Kelman, father of the minister of the same name at St George's, Edinburgh.

      McIntyre wrote a good number of Christian books, often under the spelling M'Intyre, and edited The King's Writ - A Quarterly Journal of Bible Study in the 1920s. His best known book is probably "The Hidden Life of Prayer".

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BookThe Hidden Life of Prayer: Chapter 1: The Life of Prayer
       "My God. Thy creature answers, Thee." -Alfred de Musset. 'The love of Christ is my prayer-book." -Gerhard Tersteegen. "Prayer is the key of heaven; the Spirit helps faith to turn this key." -Thomas Watson. In one of the cathedrals of Northern Europe an exquisite group in high relief represents the prayer life. It is disposed in thre
The Hidden Life of Prayer: Chapter 2: The Equipment
       "Remember that in the Levitical Law there is a frequent commemoration and charge given of the two daily sacrifices, the one to be offered up in the morning and the other in the evening. These offerings by incense our holy, harmless, and undefiled High Priest hath taken away, and instead of them every devout Christian is at the appointed times to o
The Hidden Life of Prayer: Chapter 3: The Direction of the Mind
       "Thou oughtest to go to prayer, that thou mayest deliver thyself wholly up into the hands of God, with perfect resignation, exerting an act of faith, believing that thou art in the Divine Presence, afterwards settling in that holy repose, with quietness, silence, and tranquillity; and endeavoring for a whole day, a whole year, and thy whole life,
The Hidden Life of Prayer: Chapter 4: The Engagement: Worship
       "We praise Thee...We give thanks to Thee for Thy great glory, O Lord God." -Book of Common Prayer. "Were there nothing else For which to praise the heavens but only love, That only love were cause enough for praise."-Tennyson. "Praise Him, ever praise Him, For remembering dust of earth." -Morgan Rhys. "When thou has shut thy door, PR
The Hidden Life of Prayer: Chapter 5: The Engagement: Confession
       "The garden of spices is sprinkled with red flowers." -Heinrich Seuse. "It is a great and rare thing to have forgiveness in God discovered unto a sinful soul....It is a pure Gospel truth, that hath neither shadow, footstep, nor intimation elsewhere. The whole creation hath not the least obscure impression of it left thereon." -John Owen. "
The Hidden Life of Prayer: Chapter 6: The Engagement: Request
       "Make me sensible of real answers to actual requests, as evidence of an interchange between myself on earth and my Saviour in heaven." -Thomas Chalmers. "O brother, pray; in spite of Satan, pray; spend hours in prayer; rather neglect friends than not pray; rather fast, and lose breakfast, dinner, tea, and supper-and sleep too-than not pray. An
The Hidden Life of Prayer: Chapter 7: The Hidden Riches of the Secret Place
       "Prayer is the means by which we obtain all the graces which rain down upon us from the Divine Fountain of Goodness and Love." -Laurence Scupoli. "There was a poor widow woman in that countryside, as I came through, that was worth many of you. She was asked, How she did in this evil time ? I do very well, says she; I get more of one verse of t
The Hidden Life of Prayer: Chapter 8: The Open Recompense
       "Jesus, Lord God from all eternity, Whom love of us brought down to shame, I plead Thy life with Thee, I plead Thy death, I plead Thy name. Jesus, Lord God of every living soul, Thy love exceeds its uttered fame, Thy will can make us whole, I plead Thyself. I plead Thy name. -Christina Rossetti. "None can believe how powerful prayer is,

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