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James A. Stewart
? - 1975

      The late Scot Evangelist & Missionary James Alexander Stewart - born in Glasgow, Scotland and born again in the same city. He began preaching at the age of fourteen and was commonly called The Boy Preacher throughout the British Isles. His evangelistic ministry of over forty-three years has extended to many countries, but particularly on the continent of Europe. As one who has experienced revival in his ministry, he speaks with authority and insight on the themes of revival and evangelism. The famous Ulster revivalist, the Rev. W. P. Nicholson, said of him, Through European countries he has brought thousands to Christ through his teaching and preaching. I have followed his work for many years. He has been used of God in mighty revivals in many places. He knows from a long and wide and successful experience what revival is, and how to make use of it. Many can and do write fluently about revivals, but they are merely writing about something that they have never seen as fact. James Stewarts writings are different.

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ArticleMore Than Conquerors!
      The demons of hell are real, and Satan, the great archenemy of the Church, is seeking to "wear out the saints". We must recognize that it is Satan who has blinded the minds of the saints and kept them in ignorance of their birthright privileges and of their responsibility to live an overcoming life by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is he who thro
ArticleNot Ready - Do we Really Want Revival?
       Lest I should be exalted above measure. - II Cor. 12:7 I believe the paramount reason why many believers are not filled with the Spirit is that they are not ready to receive this priceless blessing from God. Either they do not know what it is they ask, or they have not submitted themselves to God's preliminary dealings with them. The gift of
ArticleThe Local Church and Revival
      In the New Testament we discover that God's way of revival is through renewals from within so that local churches become the center of blessing. Any movement that fails to deliver the local church from its subnormal existence and to raise it to a higher position in its ascended Lord has not reached the standard of a New Testament revival. How ma
ArticleThe Lordship of Christ 1: Preface and Dedication
       DEDICATED TO My Older Brother David who was 'in Christ before me' and who, in my early days in Christ, 'expounded unto (me) the way of God more perfectly.' PREFACE HOW SOLEMN are the words of the Lord to Jeremiah and to the people of God: 'Thus saith the Lord of hosts, Hearken not unto the words of the prophets that prophesy unto yo
The Lordship of Christ 2: Shifting the Emphasis
      DURING THE PAST THIRTY YEARS we have noticed a gradual, subtle shift in the emphasis of the 'Gospel of the glory of Christ,' which amounts to a complete perversion of the blessed evangel. The emphasis in our modern day evangelism has shifted from that of the lordship of Christ to an easy 'believism.' This shifting of the emphasis has led to an adul
The Lordship of Christ 3: The True Emphasis
      WHAT THEN IS THE TRUE EMPHASIS in the message of the evangel? The very appellations of the Gospel clearly convey its message; viz, the lordship of Christ. Here are some of them: 'THE GOSPEL OF GOD . . . concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord . . . declared (designated) to be the Son of God with power. . . by the resurrection from the dead.' (R
The Lordship of Christ 4: The True Motive
      The grand design of the blessed Gospel is the glorifying of God and the exalting of His beloved Son. When William C. Bums was leaving Scotland for China, a man said to him, 'I suppose you are going to convert the Chinese.' 'No,' Mr. Burns replied, 'I am going to China to glorify God.' Yes, this is the grand design of all Gospel preaching. We in
The Lordship of Christ 5: True Repentance
      THERE ARE MANY who want to be saved from the consequences of their sin, who do not want to be saved from the love of it. Many want to be delivered from sin's curse and sin's wages, who do not want to bow their neck to the yoke of Christ. There are many who are attracted by the Gospel message and see the way of salvation, who are still possessing a
ArticleWhy There is No Revival
      Many dear saints are perplexed and even discouraged at the seeming indifference of Jehovah after all the highly organize efforts being put forth to promote revival. As one who has agonized before the Throne of Grace, may I humbly suggest some reasons why there is no permanent work of the God in our midst today The Rejection of the Supernat

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