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John M. Krebs

      Rev. John Michael Krebs was the pastor of the Rutgers street Presbyterian Church, New York from 1830 until 1867.

      In 1837 he was appointed Permanent Clerk of the General Assembly, and retained the office till 1845 -- he had resigned it the year previous, but his resignation was not accepted. In 1845 he was Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church. He was elected Clerk of the Presbytery and Synod of New York in 1841, and Director of the Theological Seminary at Princeton in 1842, and was appointed President of that Board in 1866.

      He was a member of the Board of Foreign Missions from its organization till his death. His published works consist of about a dozen occasional sermons, which are marked by great energy perspicuity and precision.

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SermonTears at the Judgement
       "There shall be weeping..." -Matthew 22:13 The following message is by John M. Krebs, which comes from a book entitled The New York Pulpit in the Revival of 1858. It is a representation of the kind of preaching that once brought repentance and revival to America during the Third Great Awakening. J. Edwin Orr said of The Third Great Awakeni

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