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The Dissatisfaction of Francis Schaeffer

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   (Part 1-Intro) - When Francis Schaeffer first appeared on the American scene in 1965, evangelicals hardly knew what to make of him. He was 53 years old. His Christian
   (Part 2-Agents for Fundamentalism) - The Schaeffers' story properly begins with the fundamentalist-modernist conflict of the 1920s. Edith and Francis first caught each other's eye when th
   (Part 3-Hospitality at L'Abri) - In 1954 Schaeffer took his new message of observational love back to the Bible Presbyterians in the U.S., where it was not universally received as a w
   (Part 4-Return to North America) - In 1965 Edith at last relented, and Francis got the larger stage he longed for. Harold O. J. Brown, then working with college students in Boston, arra
   (Part 5- The Turn to Activism) - In 1974 Franky, now 21, propelled Francis in a new ministry direction that would end up leading toward an old ministry style. Franky dreamed up a ten-
   (Part 6-The Meaning of Francis Schaeffer) - By the end of his life, Francis Schaeffer had come full circle. A ministry born in the ecclesiastical battles of the early twentieth century now compl

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