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How To Preach And Teach Holiness

By Arthur Vess

Table of Contents

   Introduction - Holiness is the greatest theme of the Holy Scriptures, the greatest theme of the ages. Holiness is the foundation of the nature and character of God,
   1. We Must Preach It Experientially - We must preach it experientially, not experimental, but as something proved by experience. [This distinction drawn between "experiential" and "experim
   2. Preach Holiness Scripturally - Preach Holiness scripturally. It is a Bible doctrine, and must be proven by the Bible. It has no other doctrinal proof. Preach it from the promises
   3. Preach It Logically And Theologically - Preach it logically and theologically, as the great center and culmination of Bible truth and doctrine. It is the most reasonable thing in the world.
   4. Preach It Boldly And Fearlessly Without Compromise - Preach it boldly and fearlessly, without compromise or adulteration. Condemn everything unholy, and defend everything that is holy. Do not fear being
   5. Preach It Tenderly - Preach it tenderly, with tears of compassion from Gethsemane, flowing from your hearts through your eyes and words, so that every place you go, saints
   6. Preach It Practically - Preach it practically, and in a simple form, so that "the wayfaring man, though he be a fool may not err therein." Preach it for men, not angels.
   7. Preach It Definitely And Specifically - Preach it definitely and specifically as a second definite work of grace, no more and no less. "Press the instantaneous blessing." Offer the exper
   8. Preach It To All Classes - Preach it to all classes, the rich and the poor, to the learned and unlearned. In the homes, stores, highways, workshops, and to all classes on th
   9. Preach It Seriously - Preach it seriously, not as a joke, but as a serious eternal issue. There is too much chaff in our modern pulpits. Many try to tickle and amuse pe
   10. Preach Holiness With Joy And Gladness - Preach Holiness with joy and gladness, not sorrow and sadness. "For the kingdom of heaven is not meat and drink, but righteousness, peace and joy in t
   11. Preach Holiness Constantly - Preach Holiness constantly, not as a hobby, but as the great foundation and fountain of all truth. John Wesley said, "Preach holiness in every ser
   12. Preach It Personally - Preach it personally in your daily life and conversation to individuals in their homes, at work, on the streets and every place where people need it.
   13. Preach Holiness Negatively And Positively - Preach Holiness negatively and positively: The heart must be purged from sin, before the Holy Ghost can come in. Only negative preaching diagnoses the
   14. Preach Holiness Evangelistically - Preach Holiness evangelistically. "True holiness' has always produced great revivals. Only holiness makes sinners conscious of the terror and awfulnes
   15. Preach Holiness By Example - Preach Holiness by example. Not only in your preaching, but in your daily life, manifest and prove your preaching. Live it and give it. Get it, live i

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