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The Loophole

By Arthur Vess

Table of Contents

   Preface To The Third Edition - The many expressions of appreciation and the increasing demand for the message of this booklet calls for a Third Edition. The effect and reactions to
   1. WHY THE CHANGE? - Whatever else may be affirmed or denied, one thing is certain: That there was a time when the jewelry question was settled in the Holiness Movement. T
   2. WHAT SAITH THE SCRIPTURES? - I. The Old Testament If the great leaders and holy prophets of the primitive, Old Testament times, saw and rebuked the destructive female vanity
   3. COMMON ARGUMENTS ANSWERED - Those who desire and defend the wearing of matrimonial jewelry, offer the following arguments in defense of their untenable position. Let us examine t
   4. THE COST OF THE WEDDING RING - The average wedding ring would cost about $525.00. [In 1955] At least from one-third to one-half of the average church membership is made up of marrie
   5. OUR BEST DEFENSE - The purpose of this chapter is not to deliver a condemnation against all leadership; such would be unfair and ecclesiastical anarchy. No group of men
   6. WHY A DEFINITE RULING? - Most Holiness Churches have no definite statement as to the teachings of the Bible against jewelry, particularly the wedding ring. This leaves an open
   7. THE FINAL SUMMARY ARGUMENT - Of all which we have tried to say in this booklet, this is the sum: 1. The Bible nowhere hints of the wearing of jewelry for any reason, not even
   8. ENFORCING THE RULING - These days, it is a common thing for our pastors to ask, '"What shall I do about the reception of members wearing the wedding ring?" The writer has a
   9. "I AM THE WEDDING RING" - Note -- This Dialogue may be used and acted out in young people's meetings, missionary societies, etc. Part 1 "I am the Wedding Ring, who are

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