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By Blaise Pascal

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   Introduction By T. S. Eliotvii - Pensees Pascal, Blaise (1623-1662) by Blaise Pascal 1660 translated by W. F. Trotter It might seem that about Blaise Pascal, and about
   Section 1: Thoughts On Mind and On Style - 1. The difference between the mathematical and the intuitive mind.--In the one, the principles are palpable, but removed from ordinary use; so tha
   Section 2: The Misery of Man Without God - 60. First part: Misery of man without God. Second part: Happiness of man with God. Or, First part: That nature is corrupt. Proved by nature it
   Section 3: Of the Necessity of the Wager - 184. A letter to incite to the search after God. And then to make people seek Him among the philosophers, sceptics, and dogmatists, who disquiet
   Section 4: Of the Means of Belief - 242. Preface to the second part.--To speak of those who have treated of this matter. I admire the boldness with which these persons undertake to
   Section 5: Justice and the Reason of Effects - 291. In the letter On Injustice can come the ridiculousness of the law that the elder gets all. "My friend, you were born on this side of the mounta
   Section 6: The Philosophers - 339. I can well conceive a man without hands, feet, head (for it is only experience which teaches us that the head is more necessary than feet). But
   Section 7: Morality And Doctrine - 425. Second part.--That man without faith cannot know the true good, nor justice. All men seek happiness. This is without exception. Whatever dif
   Section 8: The Fundamentals of the Christian Religion - 556. ... Men blaspheme what they do not know. The Christian religion consists in two points. It is of equal concern to men to know them, and it is eq
   Section 9: Perpetuity - 589. On the fact that the Christian religion is not the only religion.--So far is this from being a reason for believing that it is not the true one
   Section 10: Typology - 642. Proof of the two Testaments at once.--To prove the two at one stroke, we need only see if the prophecies in one are fulfilled in the other. To
   Section 11: The Prophecies - 693. When I see the blindness and the wretchedness of man, when I regard the whole silent universe and man without light, left to himself and, as it
   Section 12: Proofs of Jesus Christ - 737. Therefore I reject all other religions. In that way I find an answer to all objections. It is right that a God so pure should only reveal Himse
   Section 13: The Miracles - 803. The beginning.--Miracles enable us to judge of doctrine, and doctrine enables us to judge of miracles. There are false miracles and true. Th
   Section 14: Appendix: Polemical Fragments - 857. Clearness, obscurity.--There would be too great darkness, if truth had not visible signs. This is a wonderful one, that it has always been pres

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