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Spiritual Letters

By Francois Fenelon

Table of Contents

   Letters 1-5 - SPIRITUAL LETTERS. FENELON. "And I have declared unto them thy name and will declare it; that the love wherewith thou hast loved me, may be
   Letters 6-10 - LETTER VI. The true source of peace is in the surrender of the will. Remain in peace; the fervor of devotion does not depend upon yourself; all t
   Letters 11-15 - LETTER XI. The sight of our imperfections should not take away our peace. There is something very hidden and very deceptive in your suffering; fo
   Letters 16-20 - LETTER XVI. Those who endeavor to injure us are to be loved and welcomed as the hand of God. I sympathize, as I ought, in all your troubles, but
   Letters 21-25 - LETTER XXI. The imperfection of others to be borne in love. It is a long while since I renewed the assurance of my attachment to you in our Lord.
   Letters 25-30 - LETTER XXVI. Absolute trust the shortest road to God. I have no doubt but that God constantly treats you as one of his friends, that is, with cro
   Letters 31-35 - LETTER XXXI. The gifts of God not to be rejected on account of the channel that brings them. I am glad you find in the person of whom you speak,
   Letters 36-40 - LETTER XXXVI. Suffering belongs to the living, not the dead. Many are deceived when they suppose that the death of self is the cause of all the a

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