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Christian Fellowship

By John Angell James

Table of Contents

   Introduction - CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP The Church Member's Guide By John Angell James 1822 "If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and al
   Chapter 1 - On the Nature of a Christian Church - It is obviously incumbent on the members of any community, whether civil or sacred, to acquaint themselves with its constitution and design; without t
   Chapter 2 - Nature and Design of Christian Fellowship - "For lack of clear information on this head, there is, both before and after admission, in the minds of many people, a certain mystic obscurity hangin
   Chapter 3 - The Privileges of Membership - "The privileges of membership are, in a general sense, to bring Christians, as such, more closely together, to make them known to each other in that c
   Chapter 4 - General Duties of Church Members in Their Individual Capacity - I. They should seek to acquire clear and enlarged views of divine truth. It is a fact which cannot be questioned, that a very large proportion of tho
   Chapter 5 - Duties of Church Members to Their Pastors - It is the will and appointment of the Lord Jesus Christ, the King and Head of his churches, that they should behave towards their pastors as his minis
   Chapter 6 - Duties of Church Members Towards Each Other - I. The first duty, and that which indeed seems to include every other, is LOVE. The stress which is laid on this in the Word of God, both as it respec
   Chapter 7 - The Duties of Church Members to the Members of Other Christian Churches - First. In those cases where the churches are of a DIFFERENT DENOMINATION. 1. We should respect their religious opinions and practices. They act co
   Chapter 8 - The Pastor's Wife - A station so honorable, so important, so responsible, must necessarily be attended with duties--numerous, difficult, and of great consequence. As a wi
   Chapter 9 - Deacons - The institution of the deacon's office arose from a seemingly accidental circumstance which occurred in the church at Jerusalem, the particulars of wh
   Chapter 10 - Christian Parents - The station occupied by Christian parents, is exceedingly important, and therefore very responsible. We naturally look to the families of professing C
   Chapter 11 - Young Christians - These generally form a very considerable class of our members, and have duties to perform appropriate to their age and station. They should be very wa
   Chapter 12 - Rich Christians - It is true our churches do not abound with such people--but, enriched as our cause is with the principles of divine truth, and patronized by the smile
   Chapter 13 - Poor Christians - Contentment with such things as they have, and an unmurmuring submission to the appointment of Providence, are most obviously their duty, and should b
   Chapter 14 - Christian Tradesmen - A very large number of our church members are engaged in the pursuits of trade, manufacturing, or commerce; and from their very calling are exposed to
   Chapter 15 - The True Nature of Church Power - "I will build My church." Matthew 16:18 In our conversation upon the subject of church government, it is very common to talk of the power or author
   Chapter 16 - Mode of Conducting Church Meetings - Every well regulated church will have its solemn and stated meetings for conducting the business necessarily connected with its existence and progress
   Chapter 17 - Admission of Members to the Church - WHO ARE WE TO RECEIVE? When an individual is known to be desirous of fellowship, information of this should be conveyed without delay to the pastor, w

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