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History of the Christian Church in the West

By Barton W. Stone

Table of Contents

   Part 1 - Towards the close of the eighteenth century, there was an unusual death in the professors of religion, throughout the western country, both among the
   Part 2 - Under these circumstances we retired, during a short recess of Synod, to ask counsel of the Lord, and consult with one another. When we came to con
   Part 3 - After constituting with prayer, and choosing a moderator and clerk, we proceeded to draught a circular letter to the congregations formerly under our
   Part 4 - It is difficult to find, from the preceding minute of Synod, what was the real crime alleged against us. They tell you that we have seceded from the C
   Part 5 - On the above extracts from Dr. Mosheim, we also observe that Luther was guilty of the crime of declinature. He declined the jurisdiction of the church
   Part 6 - The doctrine we preached at the commencement of the Revival, and which we urged before and for some time after our separation from the Synod of Kentuc
   Part 7 - FAITH. Having shown how the Gospel effects regeneration, by being believed, we are naturally led to speak of faith. We have already shown that th
   Part 8 - We have been thus particular in giving our views of the gospel, which we preached prior to separation from the Presbyterians, that the world might be
   Part 9 - With diligence we searched for the truth on the Doctrine of atonement; the result of our inquiries was published soon after, and are well known in the

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