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The Sum of Saving Knowledge

By David Dickson

Table of Contents

   1: Heads - The Sum of Saving Knowledge may be taken up in these four heads: 1. The woeful condition wherein all men are by nature, through breaking of the co
   2: The Use of Saving Knowledge - The Practical Use of Saving Knowledge Contained in Scripture, and holden forth briefly in the foresaid Confession of Faithand Catechisms The chi
   3: Warrants and Motives to Believe - Warrants to believe For building our confidence upon this solid ground, these four Warrants and special Motives to believe in Christ may serve.
   4: Evidences of True Faith - So much for the laying the grounds of faith, and warrants to believe. Now, for evidencing of true faith by fruits, these four things are requisite: 1.

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