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The Laws of Revival

By James Burns

Table of Contents

   Foreward - In Christian history, no phenomenon is more clear than the recurrence of revivals. At times, a passion for repentance sweeps across specific geographi
   Chapter 1 - Revivals, the Law of Progress - We need to acknowledge the part revivals play in God's plan as we take a broader look and see them appear in places outside of the Church. Progress, w
   Chapter 2 - Revivals, the Law of Spiritual Growth - Revivals are the method by which progress occurs in all other realms of human expression. In light of this, we can approach their recurrence in religi
   Chapter 3 - Revivals, the Law of Periodicity - We may assume that revivals are one of the primary methods God uses to fulfill His purposes in the world. These revivals move according to divine law.
   Chapter 4 - Revivals, the Law of Ebbing Tide - We find preceding each revival a spiritual desert. During those times, all whose hearts are alienated and are skeptical of the Church's authority brea
   Chapter 5 - Revivals, the Law of the Fullness of Time - The next fact which the study of revival discloses is that this time of spiritual deadness has its definite limits. The wave of spiritual progress rec
   Chapter 6 - Revivals, the Law of the Advent of the Prophet - The next event common to the history of all great revivals is the appearance of a leader. The person sums up in himself or herself the longings of the
   Chapter 7 - Revivals, the Law of Awakening - When these elements of preparation, timing, and leadership fall into place, the awakening occurs. The people that walked in darkness see a great light
   Chapter 8 - Revivals, the Law of Variety - The appearance of revivals owes nothing to chance; they are a witness to God's sovereignty. Used of God for the progress of the world, they revitalize
   Chapter 9 - Revivals, the Law of Recoil - Every revival has a time limit. It has its day, then it recedes. Luther set the limit to a revival at thirty years, Isaac Taylor at fifty. Rarely does
   Chapter 10 - Revivals, the Law of the Theology of Revivals - It is important for us to know what the great doctrines have been which have awakened people to new life in past centuries. First of all, we see that
   Chapter 11 - Revivals, the Law of the Coming Movement - Let us close with a glance into the future. With the help of these stated biblical principles, we will ask what the future has in store. Before we can

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