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The Gospel of Luke

By J.C. Ryle

Table of Contents

   Preface - PREFACE The volume now in the reader's hands, is a continuation of the "Expository Thoughts on the Gospels," of which two volumes have been already
   Chapter 1 - Luke 1:1-4 LUKE'S INTRODUCTION The Gospel of Luke, which we now begin, contains many precious things which are not recorded in the other three G
   Chapter 2 - Luke 2:1-7 THE BIRTH OF JESUS We have, in these verses, the story of a birth--the birth of the incarnate Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ. Ever
   Chapter 3 - Luke 3:1-6 THE MINISTRY OF JOHN THE BAPTIST These verses describe the beginning of the Gospel of Christ. It began with the preaching of John the
   Chapter 4 - Luke 4:1-13 THE TEMPTATION OF JESUS The first event recorded in our Lord's history, after His baptism, is His temptation by the devil. From a se
   Chapter 5 - Luke 5:1-11 THE MIRACULOUS CATCH OF FISH We have, in these verses, the history of what is commonly called the miraculous catch of fish. It is a
   Chapter 6 - Luke 6:1-5 JESUS AND THE SABBATH We should notice, in this passage, what excessive importance hypocrites attach to trifles. We are told that, "O
   Chapter 7 - Luke 7:1-10 THE FAITH OF THE CENTURION These verses describe the miraculous cure of a sick man. A centurion, or officer in the Roman army, appli
   Chapter 8 - Luke 8:1-3 Let us mark, in these verses, our Lord Jesus Christ's unwearied diligence in doing good. We read that "He went throughout every city and
   Chapter 9 - Luke 9:1-6 JESUS SENDS OUT THE 12 APOSTLES These verses contain our Lord's instructions to His twelve apostles, when He sent them forth the firs
   Chapter 10 - Luke 10:1-7 JESUS SENDS OUT THE SEVENTY-TWO The verses before us relate a circumstance which is not recorded by any Gospel writer except Luke. T
   Chapter 11 - Luke 11:1-4 JESUS' TEACHING ON PRAYER These verses contain the prayer commonly called the Lord's Prayer. Few passages of Scripture perhaps are s
   Chapter 12 - Luke 12:1-7 WARNINGS AND ENCOURAGEMENTS The words which begin this chapter are very striking when we consider its contents. We are told that "a
   Chapter 13 - Luke 13:1-5 REPENT OR PERISH The murder of the Galileans, mentioned in the first verse of this passage, is an event of which we know nothing cer
   Chapter 14 - Luke 14:1-6 JESUS AT A PHARISEE'S HOUSE Let us mark in this passage, how our Lord Jesus Christ accepted the hospitality of those who were not Hi
   Chapter 15 - Luke 15:1-10 THE PARABLES OF THE LOST SHEEP, AND THE LOST COIN The chapter which begins with these verses is well known to Bible readers if any
   Chapter 16 - Luke 16:1-12 THE PARABLE OF THE SHREWD MANAGER The passage we have now read is a difficult one. There are knots in it which perhaps will never b
   Chapter 17 - Luke 17:1-4 STUMBLING BLOCKS We are taught for one thing in these verses, the great sinfulness of putting stumbling-blocks in the way of other m
   Chapter 18 - Luke 18:1-8 THE PARABLE OF THE PERSISTENT WIDOW The object of the parable before us, is explained by Christ Himself. To use the words of an old
   Chapter 19 - Luke 19:1-10 THE CONVERSION OF ZACCHAEUS These verses describe the conversion of a soul. Like the stories of Nicodemus, and the Samaritan woman,
   Chapter 20 - Luke 20:1-8 THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS QUESTIONED Let us notice, firstly, in this passage, the demand which the chief Priests and scribes made upon
   Chapter 21 - Luke 21:1-4 THE WIDOW'S OFFERING We learn, for one thing, from these verses, how keenly our Lord Jesus Christ observes the things that are done
   Chapter 22 - Luke 22:1-13 THE LAST SUPPER The chapter which opens with these verses, begins Luke's account of our Lord's sufferings and death. No part of the
   Chapter 23 - Luke 23:1-12 Let us observe, for one thing, in this passage, what false accusations were laid to our Lord Jesus Christ's charge. We are told that t
   Chapter 24 - Luke 24:1-12 THE RESURRECTION The resurrection of Christ is one of the great foundation-stones of the Christian religion. In practical importanc

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