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The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life

By Hannah Whitall Smith

Table of Contents

   1 - Is it Scriptural? - The potential for a happy abundant Christian life is available to all who would make Jesus the Lord of their lives, yet there are many Christians whos
   2 - God's side and man's side. - There is much misunderstanding about the subject of the life and walk of faith because its two sides are not seen clearly. People are apt to think tha
   3 - The Life Defined - In the first chapter I have tried to settle the question regarding the scriptural basis of the experience sometimes called the higher Christian life.
   4 - How to enter in. - Having sought to settle the question regarding the scriptural basis of actually living a life hid with Christ in God, and having also shown a little o
   5 - Difficulties concerning consecration. - It is very important that Christians not be ignorant of the temptations that seem to stand ready to oppose every step of their progress. These temptat
   6 - Difficulties concerning faith. - After consecration, the next step in the soul's progress out of the wilderness of a failing Christian experience into the land that flows with milk an
   7 - Difficulties concerning the will. - When the child of God completely trusts the Lord for all areas of his life, and begins to know something of the blessedness of the life hid with Chris
   8 - Difficulties concerning guidance. - Now you have begun the life of faith. You have given yourself to the Lord to be completely His. You are now entirely in His hands to be moulded accord
   9 - Difficulties concerning doubts. - Many Christians are slaves to the persistent habit of doubting. I do not mean doubts about the existence of God or the truths of the Bible. Rather, th
   10 - Difficulties concerning temptations. - In the life of faith, some very great mistakes are made concerning the matter of temptation. First of all, people seem to think that temptations w
   11 - Difficulties concerning failures. - The title of this chapter may startle some readers. "Failures," they will say. "We thought there were no failures in this life of faith!" I would
   12 - Is God everything? - One of the greatest obstacles to an unwavering experience in the interior life is the difficulty of seeing God in everything. People say, "I can easil
   13 - Bondage or freedom. - There are two kinds of Christian experience, one of which is an experience of bondage, and the other an experience of freedom. In bondage the soul is
   14 - Growth. - A great objection made against those who promote this life of faith is that they do not teach growing in grace. According to them, the soul arrives in
   15 - Service. - Upon entering this life hid with Christ in God, there is, perhaps, no part of Christian experience where a greater change is known than in the matter
   16 - Practical results in the daily walk. - If all that has been written in the preceding chapters on the life hid with Christ is true, its results ought to be very noticeable in our daily walk
   17 - The joy of obedience. - Having spoken of some of the difficulties in this life of faith, let me now speak of some of its joys. The joy of obedience is foremost. Long ago
   18 - Divine Union. - All the dealings God has with the soul of the believer are to bring it into oneness with Himself, that the prayer of our Lord may be fulfilled: "That
   19 - The chariots of God. - It has been well said that "earthly cares are a heavenly discipline." However, they are even something better than discipline they are God's chariots,
   20 - The life on wings. - This life hid with Christ in God has many aspects, and can be considered under a great many different figures. One aspect has been a great help and in

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