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The Gospel of Mark

By J.C. Ryle

Table of Contents

   Preface - PREFACE The volume now in the reader's hands, is a continuation of a work already commenced by "Expository Thoughts on Matthew." The nature of the
   Chapter 1 - Mark 1:1-8 The Gospel of Mark, which we now begin, is in some respects unlike the other three Gospels. It tells us nothing about the birth and earl
   Chapter 2 - Mark 2:1-12 This passage shows our Lord once more at Capernaum. Once more we find Him doing His accustomed work, preaching the word, and healing th
   Chapter 3 - Mark 3:1-12 These verses show us our Lord again working a miracle. He heals a man in the synagogue, "who had a withered hand." Always about His Fat
   Chapter 4 - Mark 4:1-20 These verses contain the parable of the sower. Of all the parables spoken by our Lord, none is probably so well-known as this. There is
   Chapter 5 - Mark 5:1-17 These verses describe one of those mysterious miracles which the Gospels frequently record--the casting out of a devil. Of all the case
   Chapter 6 - Mark 6:1-6 This passage shows us our Lord Jesus Christ in "his hometown," at Nazareth. It is a melancholy illustration of the wickedness of man's h
   Chapter 7 - Mark 7:1-13 This passage contains a humbling picture of what human nature is capable of doing in religion. It is one of those Scriptures which ough
   Chapter 8 - Mark 8:1-13 Once more we see our Lord feeding a great multitude with a few loaves and fish. He knew the heart of man. He saw the rise of cavilers a
   Chapter 9 - Mark 9:1-13 The connection of this passage with the end of the last chapter ought never to be overlooked. Our Lord had been speaking of His own com
   Chapter 10 - Mark 10:1-12 The opening verse of this passage shows us the patient perseverance of our Lord Jesus Christ as a teacher. We are told that "Jesus the
   Chapter 11 - Mark 11:1-11 The event described in these verses, is a singular exception in the history of our Lord's earthly ministry. Generally speaking, we see
   Chapter 12 - Mark 12:1-12 The verses before us contain a historical parable. The history of the Jewish nation, from the day that Israel left Egypt down to the t
   Chapter 13 - Mark 13:1-8 The chapter we have now begun is full of prophecy--prophecy of which part has been fulfilled, and part remains to be accomplished. Two
   Chapter 14 - Mark 14:1-9 This chapter begins that part of Mark's Gospel, which describes our Lord's sufferings and death. Hitherto we have chiefly seen our Savi
   Chapter 15 - Mark 15:1-15 These verses begin the chapter in which Mark describes the slaying of "the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world." It is a
   Chapter 16 - Mark 16:1-8 Let us observe, in this passage, the power of strong love to Christ. We have a forcible illustration of this it the conduct of Mary Mag

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