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The Duties of Parents

By J.C. Ryle

Table of Contents

   Introduction - Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 23: 6. I suppose that most professing Christian
   Part 1 - I. First, then, if you would train your children rightly, train them in the way they should go, and not in the way that they would. Remember children
   Part 2 - II. Train up your child with all tenderness, affection, and patience. I do not mean that you are to spoil him, but I do mean that you should let him
   Part 3 - III. Train your children with an abiding persuasion on your mind that much depends upon you. Grace is the strongest of all principles. See what a rev
   Part 4 - IV. Train with this thought continually before your eyes--that the soul of your child is the first thing to be considered. Precious, no doubt, are th
   Part 5 - V. Train your child to a knowledge of the Bible. You cannot make your children love the Bible, I allow. None but the Holy Spirit can give us a heart
   Part 6 - VI. Train them to a habit of prayer. Prayer is the very life-breath of true religion. It is one of the first evidences that a man is born again. "Beh
   Part 7 - VII. Train them to habits of diligence, and regularity about public means of grace. Tell them of the duty and privilege of going to the house of God,
   Part 8 - VIII. Train them to a habit of faith. I mean by this, you should train them up to believe what you say. You should try to make them feel confidence i
   Part 9 - IX. Train them to a habit of obedience. This is an object which it is worth any labor to attain. No habit, I suspect, has such an influence over our
   Part 10 - X. Train them to a habit of always speaking the truth. Truth-speaking is far less common in the world than at first sight we are disposed to think. T
   Part 11 - XI. Train them to a habit of always redeeming the time. Idleness is the devil's best friend. It is the surest way to give him an opportunity of doing
   Part 12 - XII. Train them with a constant fear of over-indulgence. This is the one point of all on which you have most need to be on your guard. It is natural
   Part 13 - XIII. Train them remembering continually how God trains His children. The Bible tells us that God has an elect people,--a family in this world. All p
   Part 14 - XIV. Train them remembering continually the influence; of your own example. Instruction, and advice, and commands will profit little, unless they are
   Part 15 - XV. Train them. remembering continually the power of sin. I name this shortly, in order to guard you against unscriptural expectations. You must not
   Part 16 - XVI. Train them remembering continually the promises of Scripture. I name this also shortly, in order to guard you against discouragement. You have
   Part 17 - XVII. Train them, lastly, with continual prayer for a blessing on all you do. Without the blessing of the Lord, your best endeavors will do no good.

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