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Things That Matter Most

By John Henry Jowett

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - The Illimitable Love of God - THINGS THAT MATTER MOST DEVOTIONAL PAPERS By JOHN HENRY JOWETT, M. A. Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York City Copyright, 1913 P
   Chapter 2 - Lovers of God - I WANT to guide the thoughts of my readers to the soul's love for the Lord, and the fitting words must be pure as light and simple as childhood. Not t
   Chapter 3 - Forgetting God - THERE is one word of God which runs through the Scriptures like a sad and poignant refrain, "My people have forgotten Me." "Forgotten" is an intense a
   Chapter 4 - Spiritual Abilities - THE apostolic life abounds in suggestions of power. It is not only that there is power in some particular direction, there is basal executive force wh
   Chapter 5 - Christ's Habit of Prayer - I WANT to consider Christ's habit of private prayer. In the first place, it is very significant that He prayed at all. Jesus of Nazareth had every for
   Chapter 6 - The Thankfulness of Jesus - I WANT to lead the meditation of my readers to one of the private habits of our Lord--His habit of thanksgiving. Everyone who knows the New Testament
   Chapter 7 - The Magic Touch - WHO does not remember the fascinating fairy who filled our childhood with wonders, and whose magic wand used to change worn-out shoes into silver slip
   Chapter 8 - The Bequest of Peace - "MY peace I give unto you." These words gain immensely deepened significance from the circumstances in which they were spoken. When we put them into t
   Chapter 9 - Seeking the Best - "THE Kingdom of Heaven is like unto a merchantman seeking goodly pearls." This sentence gives us one great characteristic of the kingly life, for the
   Chapter 10 - Withered Hands - ALL the miracles of our Lord are purposed to be symbols of analogous works which can be wrought in the soul. "But that ye may know that the Son of Man
   Chapter 11 - The Thorn Remains - THE Apostle Paul was afflicted with some bodily infirmity, some extremely painful disease whose symptoms were marked by frequent recurrence. Many sugg
   Chapter 12 - The Song of Moses and the Lamb - IN the mystical and mysterious book of Revelation there is a strange and jubilant song sung by "them that have gotten the victory over the beast." I a
   Chapter 13 - Wave and River - I AM writing these words in sight of a fine, fresh sea. A strong south-westerly breeze is blowing, and huge waves are moving swiftly to their culminat
   Chapter 14 - The Guiding Hand - THERE is a familiar phrase which is twice repeated in the twenty-third Psalm: "He leadeth me," but the two usages have very different surroundings. In
   Chapter 15 - The Midnight Pressure - THERE is something very weird and haunting about the midnight. It is one thing to be called out to visit the sick at noontide, but there is something
   Chapter 16 - Capital and Interest - LIFE is very commonly regarded from the standpoint of an investment of capital which yields a certain amount of interest. It was conceived in this fig
   Chapter 17 - Bruised Reeds - THE Scriptures speak of some people under the figure of "bruised reeds." What is the significance of the figure? Think of it, first of all, as a broke
   Chapter 18 - Infirmities in Prayer - I WANT to consider some of the weaknesses which beset us when we commune with God in prayer. If we can clearly recognize our infirmities we may appreh
   Chapter 19 - The Friends of Jesus - I SUPPOSE that the greatest title ever conferred upon men was the one used by Jesus when He addressed His disciples as "My friends." Compared with thi
   Chapter 20 - Contact But Not Communion - HERE is a field, and here is the sower sowing the seed. "And some seeds fell by the wayside." And there the seed lies, pregnant with life and fruitful
   Chapter 21 - The Morning Breeze - IN Walter Pater's "Marius "there is an exquisite description of the impression produced upon him by his first fellowship with a Christian. The Christi
   Chapter 22 - No Breath - "THERE was no breath in them." There was everything except breath. They were perfectly articulated bodies, but they were devoid of inspiration. The or
   Chapter 23 - Blinding the Mind - THERE is a phrase of the Apostle Paul which contains a warning peculiarly relevant to the times through which we are passing. It is this: "The god of
   Chapter 24 - The Soul in the Market - I USE these words, "The Soul in the Market," to characterize the second temptation of our Lord. Here is a soul face to face with the supreme enemy of
   Chapter 25 - Terminus and Thoroughfare - ONE of the most deadly temptations in life is to mistake a thoroughfare for a terminus, and to regard what is intended to be a means as an ultimate en
   Chapter 26 - The Destruction at Noontide - THERE is a peril in the garish day. There are destructive things that are only bred in the long-continued splendour. They awake and prowl about in the
   Chapter 27 - The Benediction of the Snow - THE student of the Word of God, and, indeed, the student of human life, is greatly impressed with the amazing variety of the Divine processes in the c
   Chapter 28 - Needless Regrets! - "IF Thou hadst been here my brother had not died." That is a Scriptural example of a very familiar experience. It illustrates a most commonplace form
   Chapter 29 - Wise Forgetfulness - IT was a wise and comprehensive prayer which the old saint offered when he said, "Lord, help us to remember what we ought not to forget, and to forget
   Chapter 30 - Prejudging Christ - "DOTH our law judge a man except it first hear from himself, and know what he doeth? "But that is Christ's fate every day and all the days. He is judg
   Chapter 31 - Rivers of Living Water - "HE that believeth on Me, from within him shall flow rivers of living water." The springs of life are found in faith. Vital belief in the Lord Jesus b
   Chapter 32 - Outside the Walls - IT is a healthy experience to find rare flowers beyond the limits of one's own jealously-guarded garden. It is especially healthy when we have assumed
   Chapter 33 - Honest Moral Judgment - "BY their fruits ye shall know them." So that is to be the standard of judgment. We are not to be concerned with the label, but with the fruit. We are
   Chapter 34 - The Coming of the Kingdom - I WANT to lead the meditations of my readers to a very familiar supplication in the Lord's Prayer: "Thy will be done." And with what better comment up
   Chapter 35 - The Power of the Holy Spirit - WHEN the apostles received the power of the Holy Spirit what difference did it make to them? What kind of dynamic does the Holy Spirit bring to men? W
   Chapter 36 - Keeping the Roads Open! - "IF thy brother sin." But we must be quite sure about it. We can so easily be mistaken. Summary judgment can be villainously unjust. The assumed crimi
   Chapter 37 - A Friend of the Suspected - SUCH was the character of the Apostle Barnabas. From his life there emanated the strength and perfume of goodness, and he ministered among his brethre
   Chapter 38 - The Higher Ministries of Holidays - WHY did our Lord go "every night" into the mountain? And why was it His custom to walk so frequently in the garden? It was because He felt the boon co

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