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The Prayer Life

By Andrew Murray

Table of Contents

   1: The Sin and Cause of Prayerlessness - If conscience is to do its work, and the contrite heart is to feel its misery, it is necessary that each individual should mention his sin by name. Th
   2: The Fight Against Prayerlessness - As soon as the Christian becomes convinced of his sin in this matter, his first thought is that he must begin to strive, with God's help, to gain the
   3: How To Be Delivered from Prayerlessness - The greatest stumbling-block in the way of victory over prayerlessness is the secret feeling that we shall never obtain the blessing of being delivere
   4: The Blessing of Victory - If now we are delivered from the sin of prayerlessness, and understand how this deliverance may continue to be experienced, what will be the fruit of
   5: The Example of Our Lord - The connection between the prayer life and the Spirit life is close and indissoluble. It is not merely that we receive the Spirit through prayer, but
   6: The Holy Spirit and Prayer - Is it not sad that our thoughts about the Holy Spirit are so often coupled with grief and self-reproach? Yet he bears the name of Comforter, and is gi
   7: Sin vs The Holiness of God - To understand grace, to understand Christ aright, we must understand what sin is. And how otherwise can we come to this understanding than through the
   8: Obedience; The Victorious Life - In opposition to sin stands obedience. 'For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteo
   9: Hints-for the Inner Chamber - At the conference, a brother who had earnestly confessed his neglect of prayer, but who was able, later, to declare that his eyes had been opened to s
   10: The Example of Paul - 'Be Ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.' I Corinthians 11. 1 1. Paul was a minister who prayed much for his congregation Let us r
   11: The Word and Prayer - Little of the word with little prayer is death to the spiritual fife. Much of the word with little prayer gives a sickly life. Much prayer with little
   12: Follow Me - The Lord did not speak these words to all who believed on him, or who hoped to be blessed by him, but to those whom he would make fishers of men. He s
   13: George Mueller - Just as God gave the apostle Paul as an example in his prayer life for Christians of all time, so he has also given George Mueller in these latter day
   14: The Cross Spirit in Our Lord - We seek sometimes for the operation of the Spirit, with the object of obtaining more power for work, more love in the life, more holiness in the heart
   15: Taking Up the Cross - When the Lord told his disciples that they must take up the cross to follow him, they could have little understanding of his meaning. He wished to rou
   16: The Holy Spirit and the Cross - The Holy Spirit ever leads us to the cross. It was so with Christ. The Spirit taught him and enabled him to offer himself without spot to God. It
   17: A Testimony & An Epilogue - A Testimony In the following quotations from Starlight, by G. Sterrenberg, the great truth about the cross is expressed in simple and powerful wor

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