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Christ Manifested

By John Fletcher

Table of Contents

   Foreword by Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones - It is most appropriate that the famous letters of the saintly John Fletcher should be re-published in 1968. For this year happens to be the 200th anni
   Introduction by David R. Smith - It is unfortunate that the name of John Fletcher is not held in such high honour by Christians today, as it once was; considering that his ministry wa
   Chapter 1 - The Reality of Manifestations - I am of the firm opinion that the Lord Jesus Christ seeks to manifest Himself to all born-again believers, in this life. Realising, however, that an o
   Chapter 2 - The Revelation of Christ to Believers - I am presuming that it is now as obvious to you, as it is to myself, that spiritual senses not only exist, but also that they are the means of communi
   Chapter 3 - God's Purposes in Manifestations - I now wish to consider why the Lord manifests Himself to the children of men, since this is the next important point. It is not, as is only too obviou
   Chapter 4 - The Measure of Revelations - It is undeniable that some persons are blessed with clearer, stronger, or earlier manifestations than others; but why this is so, is one of the myster
   Chapter 5 - Old Testament Manifestations - In an earlier chapter I wrote that, in my opinion, the Lord has regularly manifested Himself to His people, in every age. You may have found this asse
   Chapter 6 - New Testament Manifestations - As promised, I now hope to prove that the New Testament also abounds with accounts of special revelations of the Son of God. Before His birth, Jesus

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