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The Mystery of Providence

By John Flavel

Table of Contents

   Author's Introduction - The Mystery of Providence by John Flavel Contents Author's Introduction Part One - The Evidence of Providence Chapter 1) The Work o
   Chapter 1 - The Work of Providence for the Saints - First, I shall undertake the proof and defense of the great truth that the affairs of the saints in this world are certainly conducted by the wisdom a
   Chapter 2 - Our Birth and Upbringing - Having proved that the affairs of the saints in this world are certainly conducted by the wisdom and care of a special Providence, my next work is to
   Chapter 3 - The Work of Conversion - In nothing does Providence shine forth more gloriously in this world than in ordering the occasions, instruments and means of conversion of the people
   Chapter 4 - Our Employment - Another excellent performance of providence, respecting the good of both your bodies and souls, concerns that employment and calling it has ordered fo
   Chapter 5 - Family Affairs - That Providence has a special hand in our marriage is evident both from Scripture assertions and the acknowledgments of holy men, who in that great ev
   Chapter 6 - Preservation of the Saints from Evil - A further great advantage and mercy the saints receive from the hand of Providence is in their preservation from the snares and temptations of sin, by
   Chapter 7 - The Work of Sanctification - There is an eminent favour Providence bestows on the saints, which has not yet been considered, and indeed is too little minded by us, and that is the
   Chapter 8 - The Duty of Meditation on Providence - Having proved the affairs of the people of God to be conducted by the care of special Providence, and given instances of what influence Providence has
   Chapter 9 - How to Meditate on the Providence of God - Next we proceed to show in what manner we are to reflect upon the performances of Providence for us. And certainly, it is not every slight and transie
   Chapter 10 - The Advantages of Meditating on Providence - Having given direction for the due management of this great and important duty, what remains but that we now set our hearts to it, and make it the con
   Chapter 11 - Practical Implications for the Saints - If, as we have seen, God performs all things for you, God is to be owned by you in all that befalls you in this world, whether it is in a way of succe
   Chapter 12 - Practical Problems in Connection with Providence - How may a Christian discover the will of God and his own duty under dark and doubtful providences? In order to answer this question we must consider
   Chapter 13 - The Advantages of Recording our Experiences of Providence - In consideration of the great and manifold advantages resulting from a humble and careful observation of Providence, I cannot but judge it the concern

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