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On Keeping the Heart

By John Flavel

Table of Contents

   Introduction - On Keeping the Heart by John Flavel This volume is an abridgment extensively circulated in the USA by the American Tract Society. It is wit
   Chapter 1 - The Keeping of the Heart - First, I am to consider what the keeping of the heart supposes and imports. To keep the heart, necessarily supposes a previous work of regeneration,
   Chapter 2 - Christians Must Make This Their Busines - Secondly, To assign some reasons why Christians must make this the great business of their lives. The importance and necessity of making this our gre
   Chapter 3 - Special Seasons of Life - Thirdly, To point out those special seasons in the life of a Christian which require our utmost diligence in keeping the heart. Though (as was observe
   Chapter 4 - The Second Season - II. The second season in the life of a Christian, requiring more than common diligence to keep his heart, is the time of adversity. When Providence fr
   Chapter 5 - The Third Season - III. The third season calling for more than ordinary diligence to keep the heart is the time of Zion's troubles. When the Church, like the ship in whi
   Chapter 6 - The Fourth Season - IV. The fourth season, requiring our utmost diligence to keep our hearts, is the time of danger and public distraction. In such times the best hearts
   Chapter 7 - The Fifth Season - V. The fifth season, requiring diligence in keeping the heart, is the time of outward wants. Although at such times we should complain to God, not of
   Chapter 8 - The Sixth Season - VI. The sixth season requiring this diligence in keeping the heart, is the season of duty. Our hearts must be closely watched and kept when we draw ni
   Chapter 9 - The Seventh Season - VII. The seventh season, which requires more than commons diligence to keep the heart, is when we receive injuries and abuses from men. Such is the de
   Chapter 10 - The Eighth Season - VIII. The next season in which special exertion is necessary to keep the heart, is when we meet with great trials. In such cases the heart is apt to b
   Chapter 11 - The Ninth Season - IX. The ninth season wherein the greatest diligence and skill are necessary to keep the heart, is the hour of temptation, when Satan besets the Christ
   Chapter 12 - The Time of Doubting - X. The time of doubting and of spiritual darkness constitutes another season when it is very difficult to keep the heart. When the light and comfort o
   Chapter 13 - In Sufferings - XI. Another season, wherein the heart must be kept with all diligence, is when sufferings for religion are laid upon us. Blessed is the man who in suc
   Chapter 14 - In Sickness - XII. The last season which I shall mention, in which the heart must be kept with all diligence, is when we are warned by sickness that our dissolution
   Chapter 15 - John Flavel - During the Plague of London, in 1665, a few Christian friends were gathered for prayer in a private house in Convent Garden; but, as it was an unlawfu

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