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Sermons and Tracts

By John Bradford

Table of Contents

   To The Reader - Sermons and Tracts by that Worthy Martyr of Christ, John Bradford To the Christian reader, John Bradford wishes the true knowledge and peace of Je
   Chapter 1 - A Fruitful Sermon of Repentance - A fruitful Sermon of Repentance, made by that Constant Martyr of Christ, John Bradford, 1553 The life we have at this present is the gift of God, i
   Chapter 2 - A Sermon upon the Supper of the Lord - There are two sacraments in Christ's church; the one of initiation, that is, wherewith we are enrolled, as it were, into the household and family of G
   Chapter 3 - A Fruitful Treatise - A Fruitful Treatise, and Full of Heavenly Consolation against the Fear of Death Make no tarrying to turn unto the Lords and put not off from day to
   Chapter 4 - An Exhortation on Suffering - An Exhortation to the Patient Suffering of Trouble and Affliction for Christ's Cause Written to all the unfeigned professors of the gospel through
   Chapter 5 - A Defence of Election and Predestination - A Short and Pithy Defence of the Doctrine of the Holy Election and Predestination of God Gathered out of the first chapter of St. Paul's Epistle t
   Chapter 6 - A Brief Summary of Election and Predestination - A Brief Summary of the Doctrine of Election and Predestination God's foresight is not the cause of sin, or excusable necessity to him that sins; th

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