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Letters of John Bradford

By John Bradford

Table of Contents

   Letters 1 - 5 - Letters of Master John Bradford, written on Various Occasions Master John Bradford, a faithful Minister and pillar of Christ's Church, by whose gre
   Letters 6 - 10 - Letter 6. To my loving brethren, B. C. - etc., their wives, and whole families, J. Bradford I beseech the ever living God to grant you all, my good
   Letters 11 - 15 - Letter 11. To my dear fathers, D. Cranmer, D. Ridley, D. Latimer, prisoners in Oxford for the testimony of the Lord Jesus and his holy gospel May A
   Letters 16 - 20 - Letter 16. To my very dear friend in the Lord, Doctor Hill, Physician The God of mercy and Father of all comfort, at this present and for ever, eng
   Letters 21 - 25 - Letter 21. To my good Lady Vane (Here follows another letter of his, written to the good Lady Vane, wherein he resolves certain questions which she
   Letters 26 - 30 - Letter 26. An admonition to certain professors of the gospel, to beware they fall not from it, in consenting to the Roman religion, by the example of
   Letters 31 - 35 - Letter 31. To the worshipful, and, in God, my most dear friend, the Lady Cane (Respecting the pope's pretended supremacy.) May the good Spirit of
   Letters 36 - 40 - Letter 36. To certain godly men, whom he exhort to be patient under the cross, and constant in the true doctrine which they had professed My dearly
   Letters 41 - 45 - Letter 41. To One by whom he had received much comfort and relief in his trouble and imprisonment The mercy of God in Christ, peculiar to his child
   Letters 46 - 50 - Letter 46. A letter of Master Bradford, describing a comparison between the old man and the new, &c. A man that is regenerate and born of God, and
   Letters 51 - 55 - Letter 51. To Mistress J. Warrington, a faithful woman, and fearing God, whom he exhorts to be patient under the cross, and not to fear death My de
   Letters 56 - 60 - Letter 56. To the worshipful Sir William Fitzwilliams, then being knight marshal of the King's Bench The peace of God proper to his people, the Hol
   Letters 61 - 65 - Letter 61. To certain godly men, reliever and helpers of him and others, in their imprisonment The peace of Christ, which passes all pleasure and w
   Letters 66 - 70 - Letter 66. A letter concerning freewill, to certain men who were then prisoner with him in the King's Bench The good Spirit of God, which is the Sp
   Letters 71 - 75 - Letter 71. To Mistress Wilkinson The Lord of mercy, in Christ his Son our Saviour and only Comforter, be with you all now and for ever. Amen. Alth
   Letters 76 - 80 - Letter 76. Another letter of Master Bradford to Father Traves Grace, mercy, and peace, &c. My chance is not to have any warning by this bringer of
   Letters 81 - 83 - Letter 81. Another letter to Father Traves The abundant grace and rich mercy of God in Christ, our only Saviour and high Bishop, be increased in yo

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