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Centrality Of The Cross

By Jessie Penn Lewis

Table of Contents

   1 - THE CENTRALITY OF THE CROSS - L ET us turn first to Romans 4: 25, to the declared fact of the atoning death of Christ. I was struck in looking lately at Dr. Forsyth's book on "The
   2 - THE CHANGED CENTRE THROUGH THE CROSS - If One died for all, then all died [in Him]" 2 Corinthians 5: 15 A S we read 2 Corinthians 5: 13- 18, we cannot fail to see how deeply, in this pa
   3 - THE CHANGED OUTLOOK THROUGH THE CROSS - LET us turn back a moment to 2 Corinthians 5: 14-16 (Conybeare): "The love of Christ constrains me, because I have thus judged, that if One died for a
   4 - THE PATHWAY OF THE CROSS - "Except a grain of wheat fall..." John 12: 24 NOW we come to the out-working of the Cross subjectively as a law of life out of death for fruit-bea
   5 - THE LIFE-SIDE OF THE CROSS - "Raised with Him."Colossians 2: 12 Dr. MABIE says in one of his books: "in the thought of' Scripture the reconciling death, and ressurection, have
   6 - THE CROSS AND LIFE IN THE SPIRIT - We have died . . . new service of the Spirit" Romans 7: 6 THIS morning when speaking of the life side of the Cross, we were more occupied with the
   7 - THE CROSS AND POWER FOR SERVICE - THERE are so many lines of teaching on the enduement of power for service that numbers of the Lord's children are perplexed, and, in some cases hinder
   8 - THE CROSS AND THE TONGUE - "I tell you even weeping ... (of) enemies of the Cross" Philippians 3: 1 18 THE degree of our real identification with Christ in His death, and th
   9 - THE CROSS AND REVIVAL - If we look back at the messages of the preceding meetings we can see why Revival comes into view at this juncture. In the Revival in Wales the outstan
   10 - THE CROSS AS A PROCLAMATION - "T HE word of the Cross is the dunamis of God," said the Apostle Paul. Dr. Mabie points out that the Greek word here is Logos, or Word-not preaching,

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