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The Life of Christ

By James Stalker

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - The Birth, Infancy, and Youth of Jesus - The Life of Christ by Dr. James Stalker INTRODUCTION The life of Christ in history cannot cease. His influence waxes more and more; the dead
   Chapter 2 - The Nation and the Time - 25. WE now approach the time when. after thirty years of silence and obscurity in Nazareth, Jesus was to step forth on the public stage. This is there
   Chapter 3 - The Final Stages of His Preparation - 40. MEANWHILE He, whom so many in their own ways were hoping for, was in the midst of them, though they suspected it not. Little could they think that
   Chapter 4 - The Year of Obscurity - 56. The records of this year which we possess are extremely meagre, comprising only two or three incidents, which may be here enumerated, especially a
   Chapter 5 - The Year of Public Favour - 66. AFTER the year spent in the south, Jesus shifted the sphere of His activity to the north of the country. In Galilee He would be able to address Hi
   Chapter 6 - The Year of Opposition - 116. FOR A Whole year Jesus pursued His work in Galilee with incessant energy, moving- among- the pitiable crowds that solicited His miraculous help,
   Chapter 7 - The End - 144. AT length the third year of His ministry verged towards its close, and the revolving seasons brought round the great annual feast of the Passover
   Conclusion - 206. No life ends even for this world when the body by which it has for a little been made visible disappears from the face of the earth. It enters in
   Hints for Teachers and Questions for Pupils - IT Will be observed that what has been attempted in the foregoing pages has been to throw into prominence the great masses of our Lord's life, and poi

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