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Imago Christi - The Example of Jesus Christ

By James Stalker

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - Introductory-Thomas A Kempis' Imitation of Christ - No religious book perhaps, outside the canon of Scripture, has attained so wide a diffusion in the Christian Church as the De Imitatione Christi of Th
   Chapter 2 - Christ in the Home - I. THE institution of the family affords striking illustrations both of what may be called the element of necessity and of what may be called the ele
   Chapter 3 - Christ in the State - I. IN the mind of the average Christian of the present day the idea of the state does not perhaps occupy a prominent position. Many of his duties app
   Chapter 4 - Christ in the Church - IN some respects the Church is a narrower body than even the family; for one member of a family may be taken into it and another left out; but in othe
   Chapter 5 - Christ as a Friend - I. IT has been advanced as an objection to the New Testament that it never recommends friendship, and, while supplying rules for the behaviour to one
   Chapter 6 - Christ in Society - BEYOND the narrow circle of those whom we properly call our friends, there is a large circle of acquaintances, brought into connection with us in vari
   Chapter 7 - Christ as a Man of Prayer - I. THERE is surely a mystery in the prayers of Jesus. If, as we believe, He was no less than God, how could God pray to God, or what need could there
   Chapter 8 - Christ as a Student of Scripture - I. IT is probable that Jesus knew three languages. The language of His country was Aramaic; and some fragments of it, as they fell from His lips, hav
   Chapter 9 - Christ as a Worker - THERE are two ideals as to work - the one to do as little, and the other to do as much, as possible. The former may be called the Oriental, the latter
   Chapter 10 - Christ as a Sufferer - I. WORK is but one half of life; suffering is the other. There is a hemisphere of the world in the sunshine of work, but there is another in the shad
   Chapter 11 - Christ as a Philanthropist - PHILANTHROPIST may be thought too light a name to apply to Christ. And it must be confessed that it has a secular sound. Some words are unfortunate:
   Chapter 12 - Christ as a Winner of Souls - I. I HAVE heard that one of the diamond fields of South Africa was discovered on this wise. A traveller one day entered the valley and drew near to a
   Chapter 13 - Christ as a Preacher - I. IF, in the course of a lifetime, we have been fortunate enough to hear once or twice an orator of the first rank, we talk of it all our days; or,
   Chapter 14 - Christ as a Teacher - I. THE function of the teacher is a more limited one than that of the preacher. The preacher addresses the multitude; the teacher concentrates his at
   Chapter 15 - Christ as a Controversialist - THE ministers of the temple of truth, it has been said, are of three kinds: first, those stationed at the gate of the temple to constrain the passers-
   Chapter 16 - Christ as a Man of Feeling - SO much learning has been expended in the present age on the Life of Christ, and every particle of the record has been so thoroughly sifted, that it m
   Chapter 17 - Christ as an Influence - IN the foregoing chapter we have seen the feelings produced in the sensitive heart of Christ by the persons and things He was brought into contact wit

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