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Seven Deadly Sins

By James Stalker

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - Pride - Seven Deadly Sins by James Stalker, 1902 PRIDE IN war it is a great advantage to possess a thorough knowledge of the country. Soldiers fig
   Chapter 2 - Avarice - I. No one who has pondered much on the course of human life will be astonished at avarice holding a high place on the roll of the deadly sins, for it
   Chapter 3 - Luxury - The Latin name given by the old writers to the third of the Seven Deadly Sins is luxuria, and I have translated it literally by the English word luxur
   Chapter 4 - Envy - Four hundred years ago a Scottish poet-the greatest of all our Scots bards, in my opinion, with the single exception of Burns-wrote a famous poem, ent
   Chapter 5 - Appetite - There are three appetites, which inhere in the flesh of man-the appetite of hunger, the appetite of thirst, and the appetite of sex. Of the third of t
   Chapter 6 - Anger - Anger is a sudden heating of the blood, which flushes the face with color, while it makes speech forcible and action swift and sure. It is, in fact, a
   Chapter 7 - Sloth - I. Some of my readers may have felt a doubt now and then whether the sins traditionally recognized as the Seven Deadly Sins are really the most danger

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