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Revival Miscellanies

By James Caughey

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - Is Entire Sanctification a Gradual or an Instantaneous Work? - It is frequently asked, "Is the blessing of entire sanctification gradual, or is it instantaneous?" I answer, in three respects it is gradual, and in
   Chapter 2 - Entire Sanctification a Distinct Blessing - So far as I am acquainted with the Methodist people, both in these kingdoms and in America, they do hold entire sanctification to be an after-work, an
   Chapter 3 - Revival Preaching - Many desire a revival, but they are unwilling to labor for it. I know an animal that is very fond of fish, but would rather do without them than wet h
   Chapter 4 - Methods of Promoting a Revival - You say, "Your experience has been far more extensive than mine. I should like to inquire whether all these extraordinary movements begin and proceed
   Chapter 5 - Effect of Revival Efforts on Lukewarm Church-Members - The impression has been deepening in my mind for several years, that it is possible for a man to become deeply concerned about his soul; and that, dur
   Chapter 6 - Revivals and the Terrors of God - An opponent of revivals has said, "I consider the state of these new converts in no other light than that of a state of terror." But they are really
   Chapter 7 - Revival Excitements - In reading the Memoirs of the late Mr. William Dawson I met with the following anecdote: Mr. Dawson, it seems, was one day accosted by an individual
   Chapter 8 - Of Confusion in Revival Prayer-Meetings - Do you remember the sentiment of a certain baronet respecting George Whitefield? Said he to a friend, "Mr. B____, after all that has been said, this W
   Chapter 9 - Advice to an Inquirer - You are really ingenious in ferreting out difficulties in the way of giving your heart to God. The poor heart is "divided and subdivided" upon many th
   Chapter 10 - The Convert Under Sore Temptation - I do not wonder that, instead of peace you have trouble, in all your "borders." When a prisoner has escaped, the "hue and cry" is immediately raised.
   Chapter 11 - The Insufficiency of Infidelity - Has my infidel reader never read the story of one Aristoxenus, the musician? So great was his admiration of his profession that he defined the human s
   Chapter 12 - Infidelity and Faith Contrasted - Doubtless you have read Ephesians 1:18, -- "The eyes of your understanding being enlightened." This implies that the mind has a looking faculty, as we
   Chapter 13 - Infidels Not Sincere - My persuasion is deepened, as I become acquainted with infidels, that there are few of them honest in the sentiments they pretend to entertain. A wick
   Chapter 14 - Infidel Objections Answered - In two respects, I perceive, the infidels in Europe resemble those in America: 1st. Rejecting everything. 2nd. Affirming nothing. You consider Christi
   Chapter 15 - The Anxiety of Infidels - A visitor, some years ago, when commenting upon the concluding article of the infidel's creed, "I believe in all unbelief," remarked, that it might ha
   Chapter 16 - Infidel Defenses Demolished - Infidels of the present day are greatly at a loss for some original vigorous spirit, -- one who could skim off old discolored froth, and dive deeper t
   Chapter 17 - Annihilation - Art thou in health, my friend? Bad health, or an improper course of life must have impelled you, surely, to espouse, -- I shall not say such principle
   Chapter 18 - The Soul Not Material - I cannot now find time to enter "minutely" into all your speculations -- speculations they are, and ever must remain, so long as you have not a "Thus
   Chapter 19 - Misery of Backsliders - I cannot think or your sad case, dear backslider, without recurring to the following mournful lines; cadences, which, if I am not mistaken, will find
   Chapter 20 - Christ a Backslider's Saviour - Unbelief is ever ingenious in the invention of instruments wherewith to torture the soul. You say, "It was suggested to me the other day, and it stung
   Chapter 21 - Past Sins of Backsliders - Dryden's sentiment, in the following lines, if applied to unpardoned sin, or when seized upon by a mind that is flying from the Saviour, as it is ende
   Chapter 22 - Backsliders Must Take Right Views of God - Your state of soul surprises me. I feel persuaded the hindrance must be in yourself. I verily believe God has no exceptions against you. He is as will
   Chapter 23 - The Backslider Encouraged - I am not at all surprised that your feelings are so much changed for the better. The cause is plain; your views of your Heavenly Father are materially
   Chapter 24 - The Backslider Restored - You may, indeed, well call upon heaven and earth to assist you in celebrating the high praises of your pardoning God. How clearly do you now see that
   Chapter 25 - Of Prayer - Concerning prayer the Scripture phraseology is, pray always, pray continually, pray without ceasing, pray with perseverance. Mr. Wesley describes it a
   Chapter 26 - The Believer in Affliction - The reader probably has often said, "It is to me a great mystery, why the Lord suffers his children to be afflicted, while the wicked are in prosperit
   Chapter 27 - Hints to Ministers - A call to preach is frequently just what Jeremiah describes it to be. Although he was tempted to say, "I will not make mention of him, nor speak any m
   Chapter 28 - Ministerial Conflicts - What you say is perfectly correct. "Is not my word a hammer, saith the Lord, to break the rock in pieces?" "But, adds an old divine, "it will never br

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