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The Third Book of Regeneration

By Jacob Boehme

Table of Contents

   Preface - The Third Book of Regeneration, or The New Birth Preface The Author's Preface to the Reader Though I have in my other Writings, set down
   Chapter 1 - Of Regeneration - Showing how Man should consider himself. CHRIST said, Except ye turn and become as Children, ye shall not see the kingdom of God. Again, he said to N
   Chapter 2 - How Man is Created - HERE we are to consider the Creation of Man. Moses saith, God created Man in His Image, in the Image of God created he him. This we understand to be b
   Chapter 3 - Of the lamentable Fall of Man - ...and of the Means of his Deliverance NOW when Adam and Eve fell into this Vanity, then the Wrath of Nature awoke in each Property, and in or thro
   Chapter 4 - How We Are Born A-New - And How We May Fall Into God's Anger Again. NOW here we may rightly understand what our New-Birth, or Regeneration, is; and how we may become, and
   Chapter 5 - How a Man may Call Himself a Christian, and How Not - HERE therefore a Christian should consider why he calleth himself a Christian, and examine truly whether he be one or not. For surely my learning to k
   Chapter 6 - Of the Right and of the Wrong Going to Church - ...receiving the Sacraments, and Absolution. BELOVED Brethren, we will teach you faithfully, not with flattering Lips to please the Antichrist, but
   Chapter 7 - Of Unfprofitable Opinions, and Strife about the Letter - A true Christian, who is born a-new of the Spirit of Christ, is in the Simplicity of Christ, and hath no Strife or Contention with any Man about Relig
   Chapter 8 - Wherein Christian Religion Consisteth - ...and how Men should serve God and their Brethren. ALL Christian Religion wholly consisteth in this, to learn to know ourselves; whence we are com

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