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The Message of Paul's Life

By J.R. Miller

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - The Conversion of the Persecutor - Acts 9:1-27 The first mention of Saul is in Acts 7:58, at the close of the story of the death of Stephen, the first Christian martyr. We are told tha
   Chapter 2 - Paul's First Missionary Journey: Cyprus - Acts 13:1-13 We have here the beginning of foreign missions. It was at Antioch, the church which had been built up by Barnabas and Paul, which proved
   Chapter 3 - First Missionary Journey: Antioch in Pisidia - Acts 13:14-52 A change in the relative place of the two missionaries appears about this time. It was Barnabas and Paul when they were sent out--Barna
   Chapter 4 - Paul's First Missionary Journey: Iconium and Lystra - Acts 14 The healing of the lame man at Lystra, made a great stir in the town. Lystra was a wild place. The traditional meaning of the name was Wolf-l
   Chapter 5 - Paul's Second Missionary Journey: Antioch to Philippi - Acts 16:6-15 Paul was "forbidden by the Holy Spirit from preaching the Word in the province of Asia". We would say there is no place where one should
   Chapter 6 - Paul's Second Missionary Journey: The Philippian Jailer - Acts 16:16-40 As Paul and Timothy were going to the place of prayer at Philippi, they were attracted by an unfortunate girl possessed by a demon. She
   Chapter 7 - Paul's Second Missionary Journey: Thessalonica and Berea - Acts 17:1-15 The passage begins with an account of the passing of Paul and his company from Philippi to Thessalonica. These missionaries never rested
   Chapter 8 - Paul's Second Missionary Journey: At Athens - Acts 17:16-34 Paul did not go to Athens as a tourist, nor as a student of art; he went there as a missionary, carrying the gospel of Christ. "He was
   Chapter 9 - Close of Paul's Second Missionary Journey - Acts 18:1-22 Nobody noticed a plain man walking along the streets of Corinth, one day, travel-stained and weary. Yet his coming into Corinth meant mo
   Chapter 10 - Paul's Third Missionary Journey: Ephesus - Acts 19:8-29 From the beginning, Christianity sought the cities as great centers of influence. Ephesus was an important city. It was a great center o
   Chapter 11 - Paul's Third Missionary Journey: The Riot at Ephesus - Acts 19:23-20:1 The gospel does not interfere with business--unless the business is sinful. When it is right, it is really a part of Christian living
   Chapter 12 - Paul's Third Missionary Journey: Farewells - Acts 20:22-38 Paul was on his way to Jerusalem. The ship which bore him stopped at Miletus. There he sent for the elders of the church at Ephesus and
   Chapter 13 - Close of Paul's Third Missionary Journey - Acts 21:1-17 Life is full of parting and meetings, of letting go things that are past and laying hold of things in the future. The missionaries and t
   Chapter 14 - Paul a Prisoner: The Arrest - Acts 21:17-22:29 Paul had just come to Jerusalem after the close of his missionary journey. The elders feared there would be trouble when it became k
   Chapter 15 - Paul A Prisoner: The Plot - Acts 22:30-23:35 The night after the stormy meeting described in the early portion of this chapter, Jesus appeared to Paul and bade him to, "Take cou
   Chapter 16 - Paul a Prisoner: Before Felix - Acts 24:10-27 With true oratorical instinct, Paul began his address with a kindly word to Felix. He had confidence in appealing to him, since the gov
   Chapter 17 - Paul A Prisoner: Before Fetus and Agrippa - Acts 25, 26:19-32 When Paul told his judges of the command of Jesus that he should work for him whose followers he had persecuted, he said, "I was no
   Chapter 18 - Paul a Prisoner: The Voyage - Acts 27:1-26 Paul's voyage to Rome was interrupted by a furious storm. It is recorded that "there arose . . . a tempestuous wind." The winds seemed t
   Chapter 19 - Paul a Prisoner: The Shipwreck - Acts 27:27-28:10 When in the midst of the tempest, an angel stood by Paul and assured him that he must be brought before Caesar; which meant that he
   Chapter 20 - Paul a Prisoner: In Rome - Acts 28:11-31 It must have been a happy hour for Paul when he saw Rome and entered the gates. For a long time he had earnestly wished to preach the g

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