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The Necessity of Prayer

By E.M. Bounds

Table of Contents

   1: Prayer and Faith - IN any study of the principles and procedure of prayer, of its activities and enterprises, first place, must, of necessity, be given to faith. It is t
   2: Prayer and Faith (continued) - Genuine, authentic faith must be definite and free of doubt. Not simply general in character; not a mere belief in the being, goodness, and power of G
   3: Prayer and Trust - PRAYER does not stand alone. It is not an isolated duty and independent principle. It lives in association with other Christian duties, is wedded to o
   4: Prayer and Desire - DESIRE is not merely a simple wish; it is a deep seated craving; an intense longing, for attainment. in the realm of spiritual affairs, it is an impor
   5: Prayer and Fervency - PRAYER, without fervor, stakes nothing on the issue, because it has nothing to stake. It comes with empty hands. Hands, too, which are listless, as we
   6: Prayer and Importunity - OUR Lord Jesus declared that "men ought always to pray and not to faint," and the parable in which his words occur, was taught with the intention of s
   7: Prayer and Importunity (continued) - THE tenor of Christ's teachings, is to declare that men are to pray earnestly to pray with an earnestness that cannot be denied. Heaven has harkening
   8: Prayer and Character and Conduct - PRAYER governs conduct, and conduct makes character. Conduct is what we do; character is what we are. Conduct is the outward life. Character is the li
   9: Prayer and Obedience - UNDER the Mosaic law, obedience was looked upon as being "better than sacrifice, and to harken, than the fat of lambs." In Deuteronomy 5:29, Moses rep
   10: Holiness and Prayer - IT is worthy of note that the praying to which such transcendent position is given and from which great results are attributable, is not simply the sa
   11: Prayer and Vigilance - THE description of the Christian soldier given by Paul in the sixth chapter of the Epistle to the Ephesians is compact and comprehensive. He is depict
   12: Prayer and the Word of God - GOD'S Word is a record of prayer-of praying men and their achievements, of the divine warrant of prayer and of the encouragement given to those who pr
   13: Prayer and the Word of God (continued) - PRAYER has all to do with the success of the preaching of the Word. This, Paul clearly teaches in that familiar and pressing request he made to the Th
   14: Prayer and the House of God - PRAYER stands related to places, times, occasions and circumstances. It has to do with God and with everything which is related to God, and it has an

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