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Finding the Way

By J.R. Miller

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - Finding the Way - Finding the Way by J. R. Miller, 1904 Finding the Way Does God condescend to show people the way through this world? He guides suns and pla
   Chapter 2 - Learning God's Will - We talk much about being led. If we are not led by one who knows the way--we can never get home, for we can never find the way ourselves. How are we l
   Chapter 3 - Letting God In - The teaching of Christianity, is that God lives in us. On the day of Pentecost we are told that the Disciples of Christ were filled with the Holy Spir
   Chapter 4 - The Sympathy of Christ - "For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses." Hebrews 4:15 The gospel story of Christ, closes with the accoun
   Chapter 5 - The Only Bond - Every life has its secret, that which accounts for its trend, its choices, its toils, its achievements. When we see a mother with her sick child, forg
   Chapter 6 - The Master at Prayer - When General Gordon was with his army in Khartoum, it is said that there was an hour every day when a white handkerchief lay over his tent door. While
   Chapter 7 - The Master on the Beach - One of the most interesting of our Lord's appearances after His resurrection, was the one which took place beside the sea. The scene shows a fire burn
   Chapter 8 - In the Love of God - A scriptural counsel bids us to "keep ourselves in the love of God." This does not mean that we should keep ourselves loving God. Of course, we should
   Chapter 9 - The Abundant Life - The Divine ideal for life is health, not sickness; enthusiasm, not languor; branches bending with fruit, not covered only with leaves. Christ wants us
   Chapter 10 - We Are Able - When Jesus asked His two ambitious disciples if they were able to drink the cup He was about to drink, and to be baptized with the baptism with which
   Chapter 11 - To Each One His Work - Some people do not like to work. Perhaps it is true that the disinclination is natural and universal, and that we all have to learn to like to work. T
   Chapter 12 - One Thing I Do - There is a great deal of waste in all lines of life--because men scatter their energies over too wide a field. Instead of doing one thing well, they d
   Chapter 13 - At Your Word, I Will - The Divine Will settles everything of duty. When we know surely what our Master would have us to do, there is no longer the slightest question as to w
   Chapter 14 - The Duty of Pleasing Others - "Each one of us must please his neighbor for his good, in order to build him up." Romans 15:2 Some people are not accustomed to think of pleasing o
   Chapter 15 - The Privilege of Suffering Wrongfully - One of the most difficult duties of Christian life, is to endure wrong patiently and sweetly. Yet many people have to learn the lesson. There are none
   Chapter 16 - The Duty Waiting Without - It was a glorious privilege for the disciples to be with their Master on the Holy Mount. They carried the impression of the Transfiguration in their h
   Chapter 17 - The Thanksgiving Habit - The annual Thanksgiving Day in America, has grown to be a national festival. It is a day of rejoicing. It summons all the people to gratitude. It is f
   Chapter 18 - Because You Are Strong - It used to be a custom for travelers in Switzerland, to bring home clusters of the edelweiss. The flower is not sought because of its beauty or for it
   Chapter 19 - The Glasses You Wear - It is very important if we are to see well, if our eyes are to do honest work for us--that we wear the right kind of glasses. Some people do not and t
   Chapter 20 - As If We Did Not - "There's so much bad in the best of us, And so much good in the worst of us; That is scarcely behooves any of us, To complain about the rest of us." -
   Chapter 21 - Making a Good Name - The name includes the character. All that a man is, his name stands for and represents. A baby has no character, and at first its name means nothing.
   Chapter 22 - Letting Things Run Down - It is easy to let things run down. We begin carefully--but presently lapse into carelessness. A child's copy book is apt to show reasonably fair follo

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