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The Doctrine of the Law and Grace Unfolded

By John Bunyan

Table of Contents

   Introduction - T H E Doctrine O F - T H E Law and Grace Unfolded; O R, A discourse touching the law and grace; the nature of the one, and the nature
   The Epistle To The Reader - READER, If at any time there be held forth by the preacher the freeness and fullness of the Gospel, together with the readiness of the Lord of Peace
   Chapter 2 - What the Covenant of Works Is - [WHAT THE COVENANT OF WORKS IS, AND WHEN IT WAS GIVEN.] FIRST. What this Covenant of Works is, and when it was given. [What this covenant is.] Th
   Chapter 3 - Under the Covenant of Works - [WHAT IT IS TO BE UNDER THE COVENANT OF WORKS.] SECOND. A second thing to be spoken to is this: to show what it is to be under the law as it is a
   Chapter 4 - Who is Under the Covenant of Works - [WHO ARE THOSE THAT ARE UNDER THE COVENANT OF WORKS.] THIRD. But you will say-"But who are those that are thus under the law?" Answ. Those that
   Chapter 5 - What Men May Attain To - WHAT MEN MAY ATTAIN TO THAT ARE UNDER THIS COVENANT OF WORKS. FOURTH Quest. "But seeing you have spoken thus far, I wish you would do so much as
   Chapter 6 - The Doctrine Proved - Now in the doctrine there are two things to be considered and proved-FIRST, That believers are under grace. SECONDLY, Not under the law as a Covenant
   Chapter 7 - Free and Unchangeable - [THE NEW COVENANT FREE AND UNCHANGEABLE, WHO ARE UNDER IT, AND THEIR PRIVILEGES.] Now we are to proceed, and the things that we are to treat upon i
   Chapter 8 - The Conditions of the New Covenant - The conditions also were concluded on and agreed to be fulfilled by Him: as it is clear, if you understand His saying in the 12th of John, at the 27th
   Chapter 9 - Christ is the Surety of the New Covenant - FIRST. His first office, after the covenant was made and concluded upon, was that Jesus should become bound as a Surety, [His Suretyship]. and stand
   Chapter 10 - Christ the Messenger of the New Covenant - SECOND. [His second office]. After that Jesus Christ had stood bound, and was become our Surety in things pertaining to this covenant, His next offi
   Chapter 11 - Christ the Sacrifice of the New Covenant - THIRD. [A third office of Christ, in reference to the new covenant, was His becoming the sacrifice]. As touching the sacrifice; you find that it was
   Chapter 12 - Christ the High Priest of the New Covenant - FOURTH. [A fourth office of Christ under the new covenant is His priestly]. Thus, passing this, I shall now speak something to Christ's priestly off
   Chapter 13 - Conditions Fulfilled - CHRIST COMPLETELY FULFILLED THE CONDITIONS OF THE NEW COVENANT. Here now I might begin to speak of His prophetical and kingly office, and the privi
   Chapter 14 - Covenant of Grace Unchangeable - THE COVENANT OF GRACE UNCHANGEABLE; THE OPPOSERS ANSWERED. The second thing for the discovering of this freeness and constancy of the Covenant of G
   Chapter 15 - Brought into the New Covenant - SECOND. WHO AND HOW MEN ARE ACTUALLY BROUGHT INTO THE NEW COVENANT. The SECOND thing that I am to speak unto is this-WHO they are that are actually
   Chapter 16 - A Word of Experience - Now, before I go any further, I must needs speak a word from my own experience of the things of Christ; and the rather, because we have a company of s
   Chapter 17 - The Privileges of the New Covenant - In the next place, I shall show you the several privileges and advantages that the man or woman hath that is under this Covenant of Grace, over what t
   Chapter 18 - Two Hell-Bred Objections Answered - Object. If it be so, then one need not care what they do; they may sin and sin again, seeing Christ hath made satisfaction. [The first objection]. An
   Chapter 19 - Use and Application - A use of examination about the old covenant. First. And, first of all, let us here begin to examine a little touching the covenant you stand before
   Chapter 20 - A Legal Spirit - In the next place, if you would indeed be delivered from the first into the second covenant, I do admonish you to the observing of these following par
   Chapter 21 - The Use of the New Covenant - Now a few words to the second doctrine, and so I shall draw towards a conclusion. FIRST USE. The doctrine doth contain in it very much comfort to t
   Chapter 22 - The Unpardonable Sin - Object. Alas! man, I am afraid that I have sinned the unpardonable sin, and therefore there is no hope for me. Answ. Dost thou know what the unpardon
   Chapter 23 - Objections Answered - OBJECTIONS ANSWERED FOR THEIR COMFORT WHO WOULD HAVE THEIR PART IN THE NEW COVENANT. Object. But, alas, though I should never sin that sin, yet I h

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