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Christ the Way

By J.H. Garrison

Table of Contents

   Introductory - CHRIST THE WAY By JAMES H. GARRISON Author of "Alone with God," "Half Hour Studies at the Cross," "Helps to Faith," "The Holy Spirit," "Chris
   Chapter 1 - The Original Conception of Christianity - IT IS an epoch in world-history when one appears who offers a new and improved way of life to mankind. If that way be demonstrated by actual experienc
   Chapter 2 - The Way to the Father - IN THAT upper room yonder in Jerusalem, on the evening when Jesus instituted the sacred feast which we call the Lord's Supper, and before he went out
   Chapter 3 - How Christ Revealed the Father - THE GREAT medium of revelation is personality. Even under the old dispensation, God spoke to men "in the prophets," as he has in the last days "spoken
   Chapter 4 - Through Christ to the Father - JESUS' work did not end with revealing the Father to men, essential and vital as that revelation is. His supreme end and aim was to bring men into fil
   Chapter 5 - The Way to Ideal Manhood - IF IT has taken the world a long time to rise to a true and worthy conception of God, the same thing is true concerning an adequate conception of man.
   Chapter 6 - The Way to a Perfected Society - IN A FORMER chapter it was stated that Christ was the goal of the individual Christian and that his teaching concerning, the kingdom of God was the go
   Chapter 7 - The Way to a United Church - OF ALL the problems which now confront the church of Jesus Christ, there is none more important and more vital to its success than how to restore its
   Chapter 8 - The Way to Assured Victory - GIVEN a religion such as Jesus Christ brought to the world, that meets the universal wants of man, revealing God to men and man to himself, furnishing
   Chapter 9 - The Way to Universal Peace - WAR IS one of the relics of barbarism. It marks a crude and imperfect stage of civilization. The prophets of God from of old have foretold the time wh
   Chapter 10 - The Way to Certainty Concerning the Life Hereafter - THESE are other problems of which Christ is the only solution which must be omitted from the present treatment. Among these is Christ the Only Interpr
   Chapter 11 - Preaching Christ - THERE is but one positive message that can meet the wants of the sin-burdened SOUL. It is the message concerning Christ, who came into the world to se
   Chapter 12 - Christ's Place in Revelation - IN PREACHING Christ and him crucified, and presenting the gospel facts concerning Christ as both "the power of God and the wisdom of God," it will be
   Chapter 13 - Christ's Place in the Life of Humanity - JESUS CHRIST, as we have seen, was the supreme factor in God's revelation to men. He was that because he was God manifest in the flesh, the divine lif
   Chapter 14 - Christ's Place in the Christian Faith - THIS subject might be stated variously as "Christ's Place in Christianity," or in the "Christian System," or in "Theology." There has been a vast amou
   Chapter 15 - Christ's Place in the Church - THERE is a general complaint, both in the Old World and in the New, of a lack of interest in the church, indicated in many instances by an actual decr
   Chapter 16 - Christ's Place in the Home - CHRISTIANITY cannot go very far until Christ finds his place in the home. In his boyhood and young manhood he honored his own humble home at Nazareth
   Chapter 17 - Christ's Place in the Program of World Progress - IT WOULD be a great mistake to limit the influence of Christ to what is technically known as religion, or to the church. He has a wider program. He ca

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