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Discipline in the School of God

By J.B. Stoney

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - Adam - DISCIPLINE IN THE SCHOOL OF GOD: ITS NATURE AND EFFECT J. B. Stoney ADAM No subject can be more deeply interesting to the saint than the natur
   Chapter 2 - Abel - Abel, as the first in faith on whom the penalty of sin was by birth entailed, must be one whose history we may expect to furnish us with outlines of t
   Chapter 3 - Enoch - In the history of Enoch we learn this great truth, that the surest path, and the one which, as to outward circumstances, is the most exempt from disci
   Chapter 4 - Noah - Noah's history is peculiarly interesting, because it affords us a type of the servant of God on the earth, who is testifying to the world of the vanit
   Chapter 5 - Abraham - THE discipline which is necessary and suited to the life of faith is what we shall find pre-eminently exemplified in Abraham's history. Man, at Babel,
   Chapter 6 - Isaac - Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were distinctively the " fathers of Israel " - the heads of a people called of God, to walk in the earth, as happily dependen
   Chapter 7 - Jacob - The history of Jacob is peculiarly interesting to us, for in it are developed the activities of the natural will, not so much in the contravention of
   Chapter 8 - Joseph - The history of Joseph unfolds to us the trials and duties of a servant of God. The evils and failure of human nature are not brought before us in his
   Chapter 9 - Job - THE allusion which is made to Job in James 5: ii namely, " Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is v
   Chapter 10 - Moses - Moses being in a special sense the type of Him who is the Great Servant of all, we should be prepared to find his history marked by a discipline pecul
   Chapter 11 - Joshua - THE first notice which we get of Joshua is in Exodus 17: 9, where he is introduced to us as appointed by Moses to lead the choice men of Israel agains
   Chapter 12 - Gideon - In order to understand and appreciate Gideon's history and line of service we must survey the condition of God's people when he was called out to be a
   Chapter 13 - Samson - Samson is the last in the history of the judges, a period during which the Lord was proving His people as to their ability to trust in Him for governm
   Chapter 14 - Ruth - To trace the history by which a woman is fitted to fill a place of testimony for God on earth must be a study both interesting and important to us, an
   Chapter 15 - Samuel - If we comprehend the condition of God's people at any one period, we shall then be able to understand why the one who is most used to serve them shoul
   Chapter 16 - David - In order to understand the discipline to which David was subjected, it is needful to bear in mind the great One whom he typified, and whose character
   Chapter 17 - Elijah - The place which Elijah occupied in God's dealings with His people lends a peculiar interest to his character and history. The nature of the services r
   Chapter 18 - Elisha - The first notice we have of Elisha is i Kings 19 : 16, when the Lord, while rebuking Elijah for his despondency and self-importance in thinking that a
   Chapter 19 - Hezekiah - Nothing is more interesting or helpful to us than to be taught the ways of God by a living example-one who is like ourselves in nature and feeling, an
   Chapter 20 - Isaiah - It is especially instructive in a day like this to note the discipline to which the prophets in Old Testament times were subjected, for they were rais
   Chapter 21 - Jeremiah - In the saddest and most eventful period of Israel's history Jeremiah was called to serve, and there is much in his history to be learned as to the cha
   Chapter 22 - Ezekiel - Ezekiel is a priest. His position among the captives by the river of Chebar prepared him for the grace of God. He says, " The heavens were opened, and
   Chapter 23 - Paul - The first notice we get of Paul, then called Saul, is at the stoning of Stephen. " The witnesses laid down their clothes at a young man's feet, whose
   Chapter 24 - The Second Part - The close of his imprisonment discloses to us a very different state of things from that at the beginning of his imprisonment. It is thought by some t

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