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The Tabernacle

By J. Vernon McGee

Table of Contents

   Preface - The Tabernacle: God's Portrait of Christ by Dr. J. Vernon McGee Published and distributed by Thru the Bible Radio Network All Sc
   Chapter 1 - In His Presence - The problem of establishing a dwelling place with man is of supreme importance to God. In the pages of Scripture it is of chief concern to Him. In Gen
   Chapter 2 - The Altar of Brass: The Doctrine of Satisfaction - Where Satisfaction is Made to the Holiness of God that Wholly and Completely Vindicates the Sinner The blueprints and patterns for the Tabernacle
   Chapter 3 - The Laver of Brass: The Doctrine of Sanctification - The All-inclusive Teaching Here Includes the Ministries of Christ in His Resurrection The instructions for the construction of the laver are found
   Chapter 4 - The Three Entrances: The Doctrine of Worship - We now pass from the outer court into the Holy Place. The articles of furniture in the outer court, as we have attempted to show, dealt with solving t
   Chapter 5 - The Table of Shewbread: The Doctrine of Worship (Continued) - As suggested in the last chapter, the Holy Place speaks of worship. There were three articles of furniture in the Holy Place: the table of shewbread,
   Chapter 6 - The Lampstand of Gold: The Doctrine of Worship (Continued) - The floor lamp is not a modern invention, but it is as old as the Tabernacle at least. The Tabernacle contained a floor lamp, and that is what the gol
   Chapter 7 - The Altar Of Gold: The Doctrine of Worship (Continued) - The third and final article of furniture that stood in the Holy Place was the altar of incense or the altar of gold. There were two altars in the Tabe
   Chapter 8 - The Veil Which was Rent: The Doctrine of the Incarnation - Before going into the Holy of Holies, a brief word concerning the veil will suffice to aid us in understanding the articles of furniture therein. The
   Chapter 9 - The Ark of Gold and Wood: The Doctrine of Christology - We have now come to the sanctum sanctorum of the Tabernacle. As we come in closer to the dwelling place of God, the emphasis is removed from the work
   Chapter 10 - The Mercy Seat of Gold: The Doctrine of Propitiation - We come now to the final chapter as we consider the last of the seven articles of furniture of the Tabernacle. We have attempted to examine the Tabern

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