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The Life of J. Hudson Taylor

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   Publishers' Note and Preface - THE LIFE OF J. HUDSON TAYLOR By Geraldine (Taylor) Guinness The Life Of The Founder Of The China Inland Mission Being mainly an abridgment of
   Chapter 1 - The Power of Prayer - Mr. James Taylor, of Yorkshire, England, was for many years an earnest and successful evangelist. Through reading an account of travels in China he be
   Chapter 2 - The Call to Service - "The first joys of conversion passed away after a time, and were succeeded by a period of very painful deadness of soul, with much conflict. But this
   Chapter 3 - Life in London - "By-and-by the time drew near when it was j thought desirable that I should leave Hull to attend the medical course of the London Hospital. A little w
   Chapter 4 - Voyage to China - Soon after this the time so long looked forward to arrived, when Mr. Hudson Taylor was to leave England for China. Five years of waiting and preparati
   Chapter 5 - Early Missionary Experiences - "Landing in Shanghai on March 1st, 1854, I found myself surrounded with difficulties that were wholly unexpected. A band of rebels, known as the 'Red
   Chapter 6 - Man Proposes, God Disposes - Having to leave the neighborhood of Black Town thus unexpectedly was a real disappointment both to Mr. Burns and Mr. Taylor, as they had hoped to spen
   Chapter 7 - Settlement in Ningpo - Autumn was well advanced before Mr. Hudson Taylor reached Ningpo -- the City of the Peaceful Wave; but New Year's Day, 1857, saw him quite a familiar
   Chapter 8 - Timely Supplies -- Return to England - For three years after leaving the Chinese Evangelization Society, Mr. Hudson Taylor remained in Ningpo, working in association with his loved colleagu
   Chapter 9 - The New Mission - From that time the matter began to take form. The papers on China that were in course of preparation were soon completed, and it was decided to publis
   Chapter 10 - Launching Forth - Thus Christmas again drew near, bringing the close of 1865. Six months had now elapsed since that summer Sunday on the sands at Brighton, When, alone
   Chapter 11 - Christmas in China - Strangers in a strange land, most of the Lammermuir party now found themselves face to face for the first time with the practical problems of a missio
   Chapter 12 - Safe in the Arms of Jesus - During the early part of the first summer, Mr. Taylor, with a number of helpers, made a journey up the river, preaching the Gospel in many towns, and
   Chapter 13 - New Developments - "The new year, 1868, was commenced, as previous ones had been, with fasting and prayer; and large desires were felt by all that, during this year, som
   Chapter 14 - The Yang-Chau Riot - Yang-Chau Fu, the city in which the travelers now found themselves, is one of the most ancient, populous, and wealthy commercial centers in China. Sit
   Chapter 15 - Thick Darkness Where God was - During the year 1869 a station was opened in the hitherto unoccupied province of Gan-hwuy, in the city of Gan-king, by Mr. and Mrs. Meadows. During th
   Chapter 16 - Ask and Ye shall Receive - The disturbed state of affairs in China continued to cause apprehension and uneasiness until quite the end of the year 1870, and combined with the gen
   Chapter 17 - Ye Did It unto Me - The trials and difficulties of the year 1870 had passed gradually away, giving place, it will be remembered, to brighter times; but the leader of the
   Chapter 18 - Founding the Western Branch of China Inland Mission - In the closing days of 1872 the members of the Inland Mission were cheered by the return of Mr. and Mrs. Hudson Taylor to the field. In several of the
   Chapter 19 - The Lowest Ebb, and the Turn of the Tide - Pecuniary difficulties, however, were by no the most severe part of the discipline means through which at this time the Lord was preparing the Inland
   Chapter 20 - Closing Events - It was now become evident that Mr. Taylor would be obliged to have help in superintending a work so large. Accordingly after long and prayerful consid

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