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The Christian Faith in the Modern World

By J. Gresham Machen

Table of Contents

   Preface - DURING the first four months of the year 1935, the writer of this book delivered over Station WIP a course of radio addresses, for which the arrangeme
   Chapter 1 - The Present Emergency and How to Meet It - At the very beginning, I may as well tell you plainly that I am not going to talk about the topics that are usually regarded as most timely just now.
   Chapter 2 - How May God be Known? - In the first talk of this little series, I tried to tell you why I think you cannot postpone attention to God and to an unseen world. It is true that
   Chapter 3 - Has God Spoken? - At the beginning of this little series of talks, I tried to tell you why you cannot postpone attention to an unseen world and to God. This world prese
   Chapter 4 - Is The Bible the Word of God? - In the last two talks in this series, I have been speaking to you about the question how God may be known. He may be known, I said, only as He has bee
   Chapter 5 - Do We Believe in Verbal Inspiration? - In the last talk I was speaking about the inspiration of the Bible. The writers of the Biblical books, I said, received a blessed and wonderful and su
   Chapter 6 - Shall We Defend the Bible? - In the last few talks in this little series, I have been speaking to you about the inspiration of the Bible. I have been saying that the Bible is the
   Chapter 7 - The Bible Versus Human Authority - If the Bible is really the Word of God, as we have said it is, the question arises what it actually means in our lives to take the Bible in that way.
   Chapter 8 - Life Founded Upon Truth - Having considered with you the question what kind of book the Bible is, I think it is now high time that we should open up that book together and find
   Chapter 9 - God, the Creator - We have seen that the Bible is doctrinal through and through. It gives not the slightest bit of comfort to the skeptical notion, so much in vogue toda
   Chapter 10 - The Triune God - In this little series of talks we spent some time discussing the question what kind of book the Bible is; but at last we plunged fairly into the quest
   Chapter 11 - What is the Deity of Christ? - We have been talking about the great mystery of the Trinity. We have seen that according to the Bible there is but one God but that that one God is in
   Chapter 12 - Does the Bible Teach the Deity of Christ? - In the last talk I began to speak about the deity of Christ. But I had to point out the disconcerting fact that in contemporary parlance [discussion]
   Chapter 13 - The Sermon on the Mount and the Deity of Christ - We are now in the midst of our discussion of the great theme, the deity of Jesus Christ. Was Jesus a mere man, a leader into a higher and better type
   Chapter 14 - What Jesus Said About Himself - We have discussed the deity of Christ as it is attested by Jesus Himself in the Sermon on the Mount. We have seen that in the very passage to which un
   Chapter 15 - The Supernatural Christ - I have been talking to you about the deity of Christ, and have shown you that Jesus' testimony to His own deity is not found merely in the Gospel acco
   Chapter 16 - Did Christ Rise from the Dead? - In the last of these talks, I was speaking to you about the miracles of Christ. But a treatment of the miracles would be incomplete unless we singled
   Chapter 17 - The Testimony of Paul to Christ - In our presentation of the testimony of the New Testament to the deity of Christ, we have dealt so far only with the Gospels. But now it becomes neces
   Chapter 18 - The Holy Spirit - In bringing this little series of addresses now to a close, I want to say what a great pleasure it has been to me to become acquainted with you. Our c

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