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On the Deity of Christ

By J. Gresham Machen

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - What is the Deity of Christ? - WE have been talking about the great mystery of the Trinity. We have seen that according to the Bible there is but one God but that that one God is in
   Chapter 2 - Does the Bible Teach the Deity of Christ? - IN the last talk I began to speak about the deity of Christ. But I had to point out the disconcerting fact that in contemporary parlance the term "dei
   Chapter 3 - The Sermon on the Mount and the Deity of Christ - WE are now in the midst of our discussion of the great theme, the deity of Jesus Christ. Was Jesus a mere man, a leader into a higher and better type
   Chapter 4 - What Jesus Said About Himself - WE have discussed the deity of Christ as it is attested by Jesus Himself in the Sermon on the Mount. We have seen that in the very passage to which un
   Chapter 5 - The Supernatural Christ - I HAVE been talking to you about the deity of Christ, and have shown you that Jesus' testimony to His own deity is not found merely in the Gospel acco
   Chapter 6 - Did Christ Rise From the Dead? - IN the last of these talks, I was speaking to you about the miracles of Christ. But a treatment of the miracles would be incomplete unless we singled
   Chapter 7 - The Testimony of Paul to Christ - IN our presentation of the testimony of the New Testament to the deity of Christ, we have dealt so far only with the Gospels But now it becomes necess

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