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The Life of Christ

By J. Gresham Machen

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1: The Preparation - At the time when the Old Testament narrative closes, the Jews were under the rule of Persia. The Persian control continued for about one hundred years
   Chapter 2: The Coming of the Lord - John 1: 1-18 When the Son of God came to earth for our salvation, the world was ready for his coming. The whole course of history had been made to
   Chapter 3: The Baptism - Luke 2: 40-50 The New Testament tells very little about the boyhood and early manhood of our Saviour. One incident, however, is narrated. Luke 2:41
   Chapter 4: The Early Judean Ministry - John 1:19-34 After the temptation Jesus descended again into the Jordan Valley, where the baptism had taken place. There he received the testimony
   Chapter 5: The Beginning of the Galilaean Ministry - After passing through Samaria, Jesus arrived in Galilee, and it was in Galilee that a large part of his ministry was carried on. The Galilaean ministr
   Chapter 6: The Period of Popularity - During the first part of the Galilaean ministry, our Lord had the favor of the people. Great crowds followed him so that he could scarcely enter into
   Chapter 7: The Turning Point - The teaching of Jesus was carried on in various ways. Sometimes there were extended discourses like the Sermon on the Mount. On the other hand, much o
   Chapter 8: Jesus as Messiah - The waning of Jesus' popularity was by no means sudden. Even after the discourse on the Bread of life, we frequently find the multitudes around him. B
   Chapter 9: The Prediction of the Cross - Peter's confession at Caesarea Philippi was a triumph of faith, for which Jesus pronounced Peter blessed. Through a revelation from God, Peter had bee

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