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Lowell Lectures on the Ascent of Man

By Henry Drummond

Table of Contents

   Preface - THE LOWELL LECTURES ON THE ASCENT OF MAN BY HENRY DRUMMOND 1904 PREFACE "THE more I think of it," says Mr. Ruskin, "I find this conclusion
   1 - Evolution in General - THE last romance of Science, the most daring it has ever tried to pen, is the Story of the Ascent of Man. Withheld from all the wistful eyes that have
   2 - The Missing Factor in Current Theories - But it is not so much in ignoring Man that evolutionary philosophy has gone astray; for ,of that error it has seriously begun to repent. What we have
   3 - Why was Evolution the Method Chosen? - One seldom-raised yet not merely curious question of Evolution is, why the process should be an evolution at all? If Evolution is simply a method of C
   4 - Evolution and Sociology - The moment it is grasped that we may have in Nature a key to the future progress of Mankind, the study of Evolution rises to an imposing rank in human
   5 - The Ascent of the Body - THE earliest home of Primitive Man was a cave in the rocks--the simplest and most unevolved form of human habitation. One day, perhaps driven by the w
   6 - The Scaffolding Left in the Body - THE spectacle which we have just witnessed is invisible, and therefore more or less unimpressive, except to the man of science. Embryology works in th
   7 - The Arrest of the Body - "ON the Earth there will never be a higher Creature than Man." [42] It is a daring prophecy, but every probability of Science attests the likelihood o
   8 - The Dawn of Mind - THE most beautiful witness to the Evolution of Man is the Mind of a little child. The stealing in of that inexplicable light--yet not more light than
   9 - The Evolution of Language - IF Evolution is the method of Creation, the faculty of Speech was no sudden gift. Man's mind is not to be thought of as the cylinder of a phonograph t
   10 - The Struggle for Life - MATTHEW Arnold, in a well-remembered line, describes a bird in Kensington Gardens "deep in its unknown day's employ." But, peace to the poet, its empl
   11 - The Struggle for the Life ff Others - WE now open a wholly new, and by far the most important, chapter in the Evolution of Man. Up to this time we have found for him a Body, and the rudime
   12 - The Evolution of a Mother - THE Evolution of a Mother, in spite of its half-humorous, half-sacrilegious sound, is a serious study in Biology. Even on its physical side this was t
   13 - The Evolution of a Father - IN last chapter we watched the beautiful experiment of Nature making Mothers. We saw how the young produced at one birth were gradually reduced in num
   14 - Involution - MANY years ago, in the clay which in every part of the world is found underlying beds of coal, a peculiar fossil was discovered and named by science S

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