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Natural Law in the Spiritual World

By Henry Drummond

Table of Contents

   Preface - NATURAL LAW IN THE SPIRITUAL WORLD. BY HENRY DRUMMOND. F.R.S.E.: F.G.S. PREFACE . No class of works is received with more suspicion, I had a
   1 - Introduction - ANALYSIS OF INTRODUCTION. [For the sake of the general reader who may desire to pass at once to the practical applications, the f
   2 - Biogenesis - "What we require is no new Revelation, but simply an adequate conception of the true essence of Christianity. And I believe that, as time goes on, th
   3 - Degeneration - "I went by the field of the slothful, and by the vineyard of the man void of understanding; and lo, it was all grown over with thorns, and nettles ha
   4 - Growth - "Is not the evidence of Ease on the very front of all the greatest works in existence? Do they not say plainly to us, not 'there has been a great eff
   5 - Death - "What could be easier than to form a catena of the most philosophical defenders of Christianity, who have exhausted language in declaring the impoten
   6 - Mortification - "If, by tying its main artery, we stop most of the blood going to a limb, then, for as long as the limb performs its functions, those parts which are
   7 - Eternal Life - "Supposing that man, in some form, is permitted to remain on the earth for a long series of years, we merely lengthen out the period, but we cannot e
   8 - Environment - "When I talked with an ardent missionary and pointed out to him that his creed found no support in my experience, he replied: 'It is not so in your e
   9 - Conformity to Type - "'So careful of the type?' but no. From scarped cliff and quarried stone She cries, 'A thousand types are gone: I
   10 - Semi-Parasitism - "The Situation that has not its Duty, its Ideal, was never yet occupied by man. Yes, here, in this poor, miserable, hampered, despicable Actual, wher
   11 - Parasitism - "And so I live, you see, Go through the world, try, prove, reject, Prefer, still struggling to effect My
   12 - Classification - "I judge of the order of the world, although I know not its end, because to judge of this order I only need mutually to compare the parts, to study t

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