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Handbook of Revivals

By Henry C. Fish

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - What Is A Revival? - HANDBOOK OF REVIVALS FOR THE USE OF SOUL-WINNERS by Henry C. Fish MUCH of existing indifference and opposition to revivals comes fr
   Chapter 2 - A Nation Founded by Faith - THE history of revivals is the history of religion. If we consult the Bible we shall find awakenings from the earliest times. Thus, in the days of
   Chapter 3 - A Nation Founded by Faith - No one can study the history of revivals and not be impressed with their mighty influence upon the destiny of the race. Not to speak of those of primi
   Chapter 4 - A Nation Founded by Faith - ARE revivals a part of God's plan? Are they ordained as one of the methods of the world's conversion? Do they enter into the economy of redemption?
   Chapter 5 - A Nation Founded by Faith - OBJECTIONS to revivals are no new thing, even from the friends of godliness. The primitive awakenings encountered them; and President Edwards complain

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